Nicole Diary Water Decals - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Do you think that you can ever have enough nail art supplies?  Personally I don't think you can.  I love having a variety of things to play with.  I was approached by Nicole Diary to try out some of their water decals and as a true nail art addict I said yes.  I do love water decals.  There are so many amazing designs out there and they are so simple to use.

I was sent eight water decals to try and I am very impressed.  They are a really generous size decal (not to skinny that they don't cover the entire nail) and are quite long which is great for those with really long nails.  Those with shorter nails it's even better news.  You can easily cut the decal in half and get double the amount.  I had no issues with getting any of the decals off their backing (each decal comes packaged with clear details of how to apply the decals for those you have never used water decals before) or applying them to my nails.

Nicole Diary currently stock a good range of water decals and nail stamping plates (something I am definitely keen to try next).  As they are only a new brand I am sure their range will continue to grow over time.  They also ship worldwide.

Is there a coupon code I hear you ask.  Why yes of course.  Nicole Diary are kindly offering a $2-$5 gift with every purchase if you use the code Tr2016.  Who doesn't love little extras?

You can find Nicole Diary on Amazon and Aliexpress

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