China Glaze Lite Brites Collection - Comparisons

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope the Easter Bunny has been a left at least a couple of little chocolate goodies behind for you all.  He has definitely been here.  Now as a little Easter treat from me to you, I have some swatch comparisons as well as some bottle shots of the new China Glaze Lite Brites Collection.  Why bottle shots you may be wondering?  I know I normally do full swatch comparisons for these types of posts, however time has not been my friend this week, and I have been sick so nails has taken a little back seat.  That all being said, the bottle shots I have done are of polishes that people requested that aren't actually that close in colour.

China Glaze Bite Me vs Color Club Peace, Love & Polish
Now these two aren't dupes but they are definitely close enough that I don't think you need to own both.  The shimmer in Bite Me isn't as strong or as visible on the nail as it is in the Color Club (hopefully you can see what I mean in the second picture - there was no sun when I did this comparison so I had to use my flash).  The colour is slightly different between these two polishes.  Both polishes show two coats.

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in light box with flash
China Glaze Lip Smackin' Good vs China Glaze Shocking Pink
No dupes here  Lip Smackin' Good applies more evenly, is darker in colour and also has a sheen in it.  Shocking Pink does dry quicker and is a brighter pink.  My picture shows two coats of each polish.

Picture taken in light box
China Glaze None Of Your Risky Business vs China Glaze Home Sweet House Music
No dupes with these two.  They do actually look more similar in the bottles than they do on the nails.  None Of Your Risky Business has a better formula and is bright in colour.  I used two coats of it vs three coats of Home Sweet House Music.
Picture taken in light box
China Glaze I'll Pink To That vs Orly Risky Behavior vs China Glaze Purple Panic
Again, no dupes with these ones.  My camera didn't like photographing these polishes accurately. They are more blue toned than they look in my picture, and there is definitely a bigger colour difference in person than what it looks like here.  I'll Pink To That is much lighter than the other two polishes, and Purple Panic also has a subtle shimmer in it.  The formulas are great on all three polishes and only need two coats to be opaque.

Picture taken in light box
Next up I have a few bottle shots.  As I mentioned before these are of polishes that have been requested (there was definitely a lot of interest in a comparison between this collection and last years Electric Nights collection) but they are quite different in person.  Some of these do look a little closer in the pictures than they do in person, but I promise they are definitely not dupes.

China Glaze Lip Smackin' Good vs China Glaze Bite Me vs China Glaze Glow With The Flow vs China Glaze I'll Pink To That
As you can see there are no dupes with these four polishes.

China Glaze Hot Flash vs China Glaze Red-y To Rave
No dupes.

China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener vs China Glass Lime After Lime vs China Glaze Treble Maker
No dupes.  In fact, these would make a pretty nice gradient together.

China Glaze UV Meant To Be vs China Glaze What I Like About Blue vs China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
Now I know UV Meant To Be does look similar to What I Like About Blue in my picture but they are different different blues and What I Like About Blue also has a shimmer in it.

China Glaze Givers Theme vs China Glaze We Got The Beet vs China Glaze Violet-Vibes
Definitely not dupes because We Got The Beet also has gold glitter but I thought I would include these polishes to give you more of an idea of the base colour in We Got The Beet.

Apart from Bite Me, I really don't have anything in my collection that is a dupe for something in the Lite Brites collection.   Hopefully you have found this post helpful in making your decision of which polishes to buy.

Let me know how you feel about seeing bottle shot comparisons.  Do you like it?  Or do you prefer all swatch comparisons?


  1. This is helpful. I need the blue from the Lite Brites collection and a gradient with those greens would be lovely!