ViNailicious Nail Vinyls (Part Two) - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Last week I shared with you some manis and my thoughts on ViNailicious' Nail Vinyls (if you missed that post then you can check it out here) and today I have five more manis to show you.  As I mentioned in my last post I found these vinyls pretty easy to use and the stick well to my curved nails.  I did have some troubles getting the stencils to peel off without pulling up the cut outs as well.  I always seem to have this trouble and it doesn't matter what brand I use or if I pull it up slowly or quickly.  To save time, I used tweezers to pull out the cut outs before using the stencils.  

Image from ViNailicious - Tribal Hearts

Mani done using Tribal Hearts

Image from ViNailicious - Moroccan Flowers

Mani done using Moroccan Flowers

Image from ViNailicious - Marbled V

Mani done using Marbled V

Image from ViNailicious - Bows

Mani done using Bows

Image from ViNailicious - Stained Flowers

Mani done using Stained Flowers
These vinyls along with a bunch of other designs are available from ViNailicious.

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  1. Vintls aren't too bad but I still prefer stamping. Your nails look marvelous though!