ViNailicious Nail Vinyls (Part 1) - Swatches & Review

Monday, 14 March 2016

I recently stumbled across ViNailicious on Instagram and fell in love with some of the designs that they sell.  Not only does ViNailicious sell the standard designs but they also sell some really unique designs as well.  Now if you know me (well know my nails is probably more of an accurate statement) then you will know that I struggle with vinyls, foils, decals etc because my nails are so naturally curved. It can be very frustrating for me and I am slowly working out how to work around it.  Anyway, the nerves kicked in when Cathy emailed me asking if I would like to try out some of her vinyls.  I agreed and gave my usual warning about curved nails etc (I am an honest person - no point lying or making things up) and I am happy to say that these vinyls worked quite well for me!

These vinyls are quite big so I actually cut them in half so I used one vinyls for two nails.  Depending on the designs, how small your nails are or how you use the actual vinyl you may be about to get even three manis out of these.  Now I did have some slight troubles of peeling the vinyl off the backing as it was picking up the cut outs as well.  Honestly, I have this issue with every single brand I have tried.  My solution - I pick the cut outs out with tweezers while my base colour dries.  Now onto the manis!

Mani done using Curlyz

Image from ViNailicious - Curlyz

Mani done using Milky Way

Image from ViNailicious - Milky Way

Mani done using Thorns

Image from ViNailicious - Thorns

Mani done used Wavy Nails

Image from ViNailicious - Wavy Nails

Mani done using Mini Scallops

Image from ViNailicious - Mini Scallops
Overall, I am really happy with these vinyls.  I do have another six different designs to test out so I will have another blog post for you next week.  Which of these vinyls are your favorite design? 

These vinyls along with a bunch of other designs are available from ViNailicious.


  1. Vinyls and nail tapes have formed an alliance against me. Your manis look beautiful though!!

    1. Thanks Christy. They don't usually like me either, but I try. We seem to be on better terms lately. I guess my persistence is paying off :)