Hit The Bottle Stamping Polish Collection - Swatches & Review

Monday, 17 August 2015

I have been looking at increasing my stamping polish collection (because you can never really have too many can you?).  I saw that Hit The Bottle offered a mini set of her entire collection, so I grabbed them.  At the time, there was thirty one polishes in total (so brace yourself, there is a lot of pics in this post) but I have noticed that there are a couple of new polishes added to the line and a couple that are "coming soon".  I will be adding these to my collection at some point in the future, along with any other polishes that Hit The Bottle releases.  

I am really impressed with the Hit The Bottle stamping polishes.  They all pick up and stamp beautifully.  I had no troubles what so ever with the ones I have and would recommend them to anyone looking for some metallic stamping polishes.  There is also a great range of colours so there is definitely something for everyone.  Michelle has mentioned to me in the past that she was working on some creme polishes that stamp so I am super excited for those.  For my swatches,  I swatched each polish over white and black (with the exception of a couple but I will mention those in my swatches) so you can see the changes that each polish makes over a light and dark polish.  Now onto the swatches....

Snowed In (swatched over OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and over Black)  
Moonshine (swatched over OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and over Black)

Snowed In (pinkie & ring) and Moonshine (middle & index)
Chromeo (over white and over black)  
As Black As Night (over white and China Glaze Queen B)

Chromeo (pinkie & ring) and As Black As Night (middle & index)
Stamp Un-Teal You Drop

Be-Cider-Self (pinkie & ring) and Stamp Un-Teal You Drop (middle & index)
Hello Buttercup
To Have And To Gold

Hello Buttercup (pinkie & ring) and To Have And To Gold (middle & index)
Tangerine Scream
Copper Haired Girl

Tangerine Scream (pinkie & ring) Copper Haired Girl (middle & index)
Rusty Nail
Poison Apple
Rusty Nail (pinkie & ring) and Poison Apple (middle & index)
Oh Look...It's Wine Thirty
Everyday I'm Truffling
Oh Look....It's Wine Thirty (pinkie & ring) and Everyday I'm Truffling (middle & index)
Expresso Martini
The Drunken Elf
Expresso Martini (pinkie & ring) and Drunken Elf (middle & index)
I'm Thinking Of Blue
A Rose By Any Other Name
I'm Thinking Of Blue (pinkie & ring) and A Rose By Any Other Name (middle & index)
Watermelon Splash
Psycho Pink
Watermelon Splash (pinkie & ring) and Psycho Pink (middle & index)
Magenta At Your Own Risk
I Like To Mauve It, Mauve It
Magenta At Your Own Risk (pinkie & ring) and I Like To Mauve It, Mauve It! (middle & index)
Paint The Town Violet
Purple Reign
Paint The Town Violet (pinkie & ring) and Purple Reign (middle & index)
Electric Indigo
Pool Party
Electric Indigo (pinkie & ring) and Pool Party (middle & index)
I Blue It All On Polish
Blue-tiful (pinkie & ring) and I Blue It All On Polish (middle & index)
Absinthe Minded  
Appletini (pinkie & ring) and Absinthe Minded (middle & index)
I Wish I Was Mermaid
I Wish I Was A Mermaid
Like I mentioned before, I really like these polishes and will definitely buy more in the future.  They all stamp well and the colours are so pretty.  I love that there are a few of these that look completely different over different base colours.

You can grab these stamping polishes from Hit The Bottle.  There is also a list of international stockists on the site as well.

Have you tried Hit The Bottle Polishes?  What is your favorite brand of stamping polishes?

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