China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection - Comparisons

Monday, 3 August 2015

As promised, I am back with some swatch comparisons of the latest China Glaze collection - The Great Outdoors.  There are a few in this collection that I don't have anything close to colour wise in my collection so I have left those polishes out.  That's not to say that there isn't anything similar to them out there, I just don't own them.  Others, I have included were either requested or because I thought they may be of interest (eg. Gone Glamping and it's comparison to OPI Just Spotted The Lizard).  If you are interested in seeing my swatches and review of this collection, you can see it here.

China Glaze Change Your Altitude vs Essie Take It Outside
No dupes with these two.  Change Your Altitude is slightly darker and is more grey toned in comparison.  Formula wise they are very similar.  I used two coats for both polishes.

Picture taken outside in shade
China Glaze Check Out The Silver Fox vs OPI Haven't The Foggiest
These aren't exact dupes but this is a polish that I would say you don't need both of.  Formula wise they are both very similar but the China Glaze is slightly lighter in colour.  I used two coats for each polish.

Picture taken in light box

China Glaze Gone Glamping vs OPI Just Spotted The Lizard 
I know these aren't dupes or really that close but I had have seen some comments from people questioning the difference between the two (and all of the dupes for Just Spotted The Lizard).  So here is it.  Formula wise they are pretty similar and both need three coats to be opaque.  I think it is worth having both in your collection, if you are a fan of these types of polishes.

Picture taken in light box

China Glaze My Lodge Or Yours vs Zoya Rue vs Zoya Brigitte 
No dupes between any of these polishes.  The closest is Brigitte is slightly darker and more purple toned than My Lodge Or Yours.  I used two coats for all three polishes.

Picture taken in light box
China Glaze Pondering vs OPI Peace Love & OPI
Definitely no dupes here.  Both are really pretty and I think are worth having in everyone's collection.  I used two coats for both polishes.

Picture taken in light box

China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars vs China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You
These are definitely not dupes but I was asked to compare these collections.  Personally I prefer Choo-Choo Choose You because I think it's much pretty (the shimmer in the bottle of Sleeping Under The Stars looks stunning but it just isn't obvious enough on the nail).  I used one coat for Sleeping Under The Stars and two coats for Choo-Choo Choose You.

Picture taken in light box

Picture taken in direct sunlight

China Glaze S'more Fun vs China Glaze Trip Of A Lime Time
No dupes with these two but personally I don't think you need both (but that could be because this is not my type of colour).  I prefer S'more Fun because it has a nice formula to work with and only requires two coats.  Trip Of A Lime Time requires three coats to be opaque.

Picture taken outdoors in shade

China Glaze Wood You Wanna? vs OPI The World Is Not Enough
Definitely not dupes but The World Is Not Enough is the closest in colour that I own.  Both are equally pretty.  Formula wise they are very different.  Wood You Wanna? only needs one coat to be opaque (and it stamps) where The World Is Not Enough is on the sheer side and needs three coats.

Picture taken in light box
There is definitely no dupes in my collection with China Glaze's The Great Outdoors Collection.  I love when I have new collections are different to previously released polishes.  Means it's more worth while having all the polishes. 



  1. Very helpful!! Lovely swatches! Thanks!!

  2. Thank you very much for these comparisons! :)

  3. No problems Sigi. Hopefully they are helpful :)