Pueen Stamper And Scraper Set - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Over the years I have tried a few different stampers - some have worked for my curved nails, and others haven't.  Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on the Stamper and Scraper Set from Pueen.  This set comes with a double ended stamper and two scrapers.  For my review I did not prime the stamper in anyway and I used Konad Black and White polishes.

The Stamper
The stamper comes with two similar sized stampers (different from the usual large and small stampers that you typically see).  The yellow side features are round stamper and the purple side is rectangular.  Both are quite squishy so work well for curved nails like my own.  Noticed that these are quite sticky and oily (I pulled the ends out and sat them on paper.  There was oily marks left behind).

The Scrapers
Personally I have only ever used old credit cards/gift cards etc when stamper and I haven't ever tried "proper" scrapers before.  The two that are included in there set are smaller than a credit credit and are roughly them same thickness and are reasonably flexible.  The clearer scraper appears to be slightly more flexible than the other but not by a great deal.

The Test
I swatched both ends of the stamper with both of the scrapers to see the difference.  Personally, given how oily the stampers were I was honestly expecting them to not pick up anything.  To my surprise both sides picked up quite well.  The yellow side of my stamper is damaged (it has dints) so it doesn't pick up images perfectly were the dints are.  I personally prefer the opaque scraper as I found the clear stamper I needed to do a double scrap.  Not that it is a huge deal but it could cause issues if you are using a faster drying polish to stamp with.

Rectangle Stamper - Left stamp using opaque scraper, Right using clear scraper

Round Stamper - Left stamp using opaque scraper, Right using clear scraper

I actually had a little trouble when I did the mani below.  The rectangle side was a little hit and miss with picking up the image.  Normally I use a lint roller to clean my stamper but for this mani I had to use pure acetone between each nail. 

Overall I was quite surprised with this stamper and scraper set.  I wasn't expecting them to work without initially priming each side, but the did.  I think they will need to be primed at some point though for more consistency with each use.  I can't say that the stamper will be my go to for everyday stamping but I will definitely be pulling it back out when I need multiple stampers (eg. when doing reverse stamping manis - which I still need to practice some more).

The Pueen Stamper and Scraper Set is available from the Pueen website for US$6.99.


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