Powder Perfect Top Coats - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top coat is a necessity for all nail polish wearers (obviously there are some exceptions to that rule eg. textured polishes).  I personally have been a long time fan of Seche Vite.  I can't even count how many bottles of that stuff I have gone through over the years.  I recently received two of Powder Perfect's top coats to try out and review, which is what I will be sharing with you today.  Now as these are clear top coats, pictures in my light box make it a little tricky to see their true gloss.

Champagne Shine is described as a fast drying, glossy top coat.  Is it just that?  Yes.  This one is my pick of the two top coats.  I found this one to be glossier than Chandelier Shine and dried quicker as well.  In terms of comparison to Seche Vite, this is definitely close.  It's very close in it's shine and only has a slightly longer dry time.  I also didn't notice any smudging of my stamping when adding this top coat.  That is a huge plus.

Chandelier Shine is described as glossy, fast drying and long wearing top coat.  As I change my mani daily (and if I am really honest, it usually happens multiple times as a day) I don't really have to opportunity to test how long things wear.  As for shine, it definitely is glossy but not as glossy as Champagne Shine or Seche Vite and the dry time is longer.  I found it was close to two minutes for it to be touch dry.

I think both of these top coats do a great job.  My pick would definitely be Champagne Shine as it is glossier and does dry quicker.  I haven't heard anyone else's experiences with either of these top coats but I am guessing that the dry times will vary among everyone and wear differently due to people's body chemistry.

Both of these top coats and a range of other polishes are available at Powder Perfect.

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