DRK Nails Designer & Cobogo Collections - Review

Friday, 17 July 2015

I can't remember if I mentioned that I was heading back to Melbourne for a couple of days this week.  Well I have been and it was awesome.  Cold but awesome.  I miss living in Melbourne and can't wait to move back.

For today's post I want to share with you the other part of the package I received from DRK Nails.  Not only was I lucky enough to receive the Themes Enlaced plate (you can see that post here) I also received five of the rectangle plates - two Designer plates, two Cobogo plates and DRK A5.

Cobogo Collection
From what I can tell from the website there is only two plates in this collection, which are sold both individually or as a set.  These plates are inspired by Brazilian architecture.  I am a huge fan of geometric patterns and these are quite big so you shouldn't have any issues with the design not fitting on your nails.  I would love to see more plates added to this collection.

Designer Collection
Like with the Cobogo Collection, this collection also only has two plates.  These, however, are only sold separately.  I have mixed feelings about these two plates.  I love plate 4 and think it has some really cool and unique designs.  Plate 3 looks really good but I feel like the designs are a bit too big that you miss a lot of them on the nails (you can see what I mean in the swatch below).  I'm going to have to play with this plate some more.  I'm sure I can get some great manis from it.

This plate is part of a five plate range (each are sold individually).  This isn't the typical plate that I would normally purchase.  I tend to favor full nail designs rather than single images like this plate features. 


Like with the Themes Enlaced plate, these plates are a really good quality and stamp quite well.  I am definitely a fan of DRK Nails plates and will definitely be adding more to my collection in the near future.  Do you have any of their plates?  Which ones do you think I should pick up?

These plates, along with many others are available from DRK Nails.

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