February 2020 Favourites

Saturday, 29 February 2020

At the start of the week I sat down with my planner (it's something I always do so that I stay on top of everything).  Anyway, I sat down and saw that the page was open to Monday 24th and ends March 1st.  My brain couldn't comprehend that it was going to be March at the end of the week so turned the page back.  Yep - that week had already flown by.  So here we are again saying good bye to another month and preparing for yet another crazy month ahead.  I need a nap!

Nail Art
After having a look on my blog for what I have posted this month it appears that I really haven't had many blog posts at all this month - even though I haven't stopped swatching.  Given I tend to swatch things in advance that probably makes sense.  Anyway, in March I will be posting my swatches and review of the new Just For Claws stamping plates from Uberchic Beauty but given I have posted some of the manis I have done so far on my Instagram account I figured I can include them in my nail art favourites for the month.

Stamping Plates
I haven't actually done any reviews of stamping plates on my blog this month so I am going to skip this section but know that the Uberchic Just For Claws plates will be in my favourites for next month. 

Mainstream Polishes
This month I got to play with Jessica Cosmetics California Girls Collection and I am a big fan.  The colours are really pretty and the formulas are good (even though some are a little patchy). 

Indie Polishes 
Aside from swatching the Jessica Cosmetics polishes I have only swatched Grace-full Nail Polish shades this month.  No complaints from me.  I love my Grace-full polishes.

Grace-full Nail Polish Mystery Girl (Hella Handmade Creations February 2020)
If you saw this post then it is no surprise that this polish landed in my favourites.  I love, love, love this polish.  Hopefully you guys managed to grab this polish for yourself.

Grace-full Nail Polish Retro Bros Collection
This is Grace-full's first full collection for the year and it was a great collection.  My favourites from the collection are Warui, Super Bros 2, A Peach For A Princess and Evil Twin.

That brings us to the end of my February Favourites.  It definitely has been a really quiet month here on my blog.  March will definitely have some more blog posts from me.  There is some really good things coming (or have just been released). 

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