Multicoloured Sponged Nail Art Tutorial

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

I'm not one to do tutorials very often (in fact I believe this is the third or maybe forth tutorial I have done on my blog).  Tutorials are one of those things that I am not really set up to do (I don't have the equipment for video or knowledge on how to edit video tutorials - or the time!) and then I honestly don't feel like I do anything special or different to the tutorials that are already available. So why am I doing a tutorial today you ask? Well that's simple. I have been asked quite a lot on various social media accounts of mine how I do my multicoloured sponged backgrounds that you have been seeing a lot of recently. I am a little obsessed with them. They are quick, easy to do (which you will see) and the colour combinations are endless.

 Things you will need:
  •  A base colour - I usually use a white base.
  • Some form of clean up product. I use Emily de Molly Clean Up Crew. 
  • A sponge I use a make up sponge.
  • Polish colours of your choice.  I usually use a minimum of three polishes.  For this tutorial I will be using Color Club East Austin, Diggin' The Dancing Queen and Modern Pink.

Step by step instructions:

1.  Paint your base colour.  For this tutorial I have used Pretty Serious Cosmetic Presence.  Allow base to dry completely.  I usually add Seche Vite to ensure my base is dry before moving on.

2.  Apply clean up aid.  This will just save you time later.

 3.  Apply your choice of polishes randomly to the sponge.  I used the orange first, followed by pink and then purple.  There really is no method to what I put where or the order of the colours.  It really is just random.  Normally the polish doesn't run like it has in my picture but it was the only way I could show you what the sponge looks like.

4.  Sponge polish onto you nails.  Depending on how much you want the colours to blend (or if you have left gaps on your sponge) you may need to move the sponge around on your nails slightly.  If not, a simple up and down motion is all you need.  You may need to build up the colour (similar to when you are doing a gradient) so you make need to repeat steps 3-4 a couple of times.  Really this depends on what look you are wanting.  My picture shows one coat/layer on each nail.

5.  Once you have achieved your desired look remove clean up aid, clean up any mess and add top coat.

That's it!  Really simple isn't it?  Hopefully you have found this tutorial helpful.  If you give it a go make sure you tag me so I can see it.


  1. Thank you for your tutorial. It's great to see how "the pros" do it. I think I would prefer this, to doing a smooshy mani with a stamper, as there's a lot less clean up! ­čśś

    1. I'm glad you like it. Smoosh manis are great still because they give a different result, but they definitely do make more of a mess. I also find they take longer to dry as well.

  2. And the result is gorgeous. I Iove doing this too.

  3. So so beautiful! Love the colours you've used! And also how GORGEOUS are those Color Club polishes?! I've never seen those before!

    Love Aysh xox

    1. Thanks Aysh! They are such gorgeous colours aren't they? I can't believe you have never seen these colours before! You definitely need them xx

  4. Woow, I love the colours that you chose for this mani.

    1. Thank you! I am such a huge fan of purple, pink and orange together.