Hit The Bottle Mixed Stamping Polishes - Swatches & Review (Plus A Sneak Peek Of An Upcoming Shade)

Saturday, 22 July 2017

I am happy to report that I am making my way through the polishes I grabbed at Aussie Indie Con (that being said there is still quite a lot of polishes sitting in my polish racks - but they aren't overflowing any more so I am considering that a win).  If you saw my Aussie Indie Con haul post then you will have seen that I made a stop at the Hit The Bottle table.  I was hoping to put all the polishes I purchased in the same post together but sadly I haven't had a good run of sunshine to swatch the holographic ones I have.  They will have a bit of a wait I think.  But today I do have five shades to share with you.  Some of these are ones I purchased and the others were sent for me to swatch and review (or test out).  There is also a sneak peek at a new shade that will be coming soon.

A Flock Of Seagulls is a pale grey creme.  I have been wanting a grey stamping polish for such a long time and this one is perfect!  I think it is such a great colour and look how well it stamps!

Call The Plumber is a rich plum.  I love this colour!  I don't think my camera does it justice.  Again, it stamps perfectly over black and white.

Snowed In! is a white creme.  This one is awesome!!  I mean look how opaque it is over black?  Seriously,  I think this is going to become my favourite white stamping polish and will definitely be needing back ups.

Sparkling Cyan-ide is a sky blue with a greenish sheen.  I love the colour of this one, but it's one of those shades that pictures just don't do it justice.  It has a similar effect as metallic stamping polishes and it disappears in my lights.  It's definitely one I will use but it may not be one that I will photograph a lot.  It stamps beautifully over both black and white.

When Michelle sent me Lina Nail Art Supplies 4 Seasons - Summer 02 stamping plate (you can see that post here) she also sent me a couple of stamping polishes to test out - Snowed In! and a new pastel purple which is coming soon.  How gorgeous is this colour and how amazing is it over black and white?  I'm loving it!

I know I say this in every post I do for Hit The Bottle, but OMG their stamping polishes are awesome!!  So easy to use and they stamp perfectly everytime!  I particularly love how opaque they over especially over black.  Loving them!!  As I mentioned earlier, the only one you probably won't see me using lots is Sparkling Cyan-ide and that is purely because I don't like the way it looks in my pictures.  It's also why you don't see me using a lot of metallic shades.  They never look as pretty in pictures as they do in person. 

On a side note - who is in the Hit The Bottle Facebook group?  I didn't even know that there was one until Michelle asked me if I was in there (you can join here if you aren't already in the group).  Anyway, did you see that there is neon stamping polishes coming?  I'm not sure what I am more excited about - the neon stamping polishes or the pastel stamping polishes.  There is so much good stuff coming so prepare your wallets!

All of the polishes shown in this post (with the exception of the pastel purple - that is coming soon!) are available now from Hit The Bottle.

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