Uberchic Beauty Business Chic 02 Stamping Plate - Swatches & Review

Saturday, 24 April 2021

OMG!  Get excited people - I have nail done some nail art again!  Yay!  And bonus points for me that this isn't a press sample.  I do realise that lately I have been posting a lot of press samples but honestly my nail time isn't what it use to be and I do prioritise things sent to me over the things I purchase.  Anyway, a couple of months ago I purchased a bunch of plates from Hit The Bottle to help me get back into the swing of doing some nail art.  So I am kicking starting with Uberchic Beauty's Business Chic 02.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
One of the things that I have always loved about Uberchic Beauty is their full sized images.  They not only look great with a multicoloured base but they also look amazing just simply stamped over a base colour.  Really I should do more basic stamping when I am time poor.  Anyway, for this mani I used Emily de Molly Ugly Mood and stamped using Hit The Bottle As Black As Night.


When I first saw Three Hearts Polish Poppin' Pastel Collection I knew that I needed to use them in some nail art and now was the perfect time.  I love how this mani turned out.

I love this plate!  The plate is full of really awesome full sized images which I love and I know I will grab for this plate again and again and again.

The Business Chic 02 Stamping Plate is available now from Uberchic Beauty and Hit The Bottle.

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