June 2020 Favourites

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Hello, hello!  Long time no see.  It feels like forever since posting and I'll be honest - it's been nice having a break.  I haven't been swatching much lately or really doing my nails at all.  During my break I have been able to go back and re wear some of my previously loved polishes that I rarely get the opportunity to wear.  Like Emily de Molly Out Cold.  I'm wearing that on my nails and loving it!  Anyway, despite being on a break it felt a little wrong not to do a monthly favourites post.  So here we are...

Nail Art
It's not really a surprise for my to say that June hasn't had any nail art.  Actually I did do some very basic nail art at some point but I never photographed.
Stamping Polishes
I played with a few stamping polishes this month but really there was only one that I love!
Hit The Bottle I Am Woman, Hear Me Pour (Polish Pick Up June)
This polish doubles as a regular polish and a stamping polish.  It's gorgeous, it stamps perfectly, is a one coater and also looks awesome with no top coat (it has a matte finish).  Love, love, love!

Indie Polishes
Again this past month I haven't played with any mainstream polishes (aside from ones that I have previously swatched before) but I have played with a few indies.  Indies are definitely something that I have been reaching for more and more lately.  In fact, the last 3-4 manis I have done have all been Emily de Molly polishes... and the mani before that was a Grace-full.  So many stunners from these ladies!
Emily de Molly Coolth (Polish Pick Up June)
This was one of those polishes that I loved so much that I wore it for nearly a week (and that was before I took a break).  The colour is gorgeous (despite being a pain to photograph) and I love the matte white glitters.  It's really a simple yet awesome polish.

Emily de Molly June 2020 Releases
I honestly could put the full release this month in my favourites but I have been a good girl and narrowed them down to these five - Open Work (which I recently had back on my nails), Thereabouts, Resort To Swim, Stuck In The Clouds and Only Us.

Emily de Molly Limited Edition June Polishes
Along side the amazing release this month, Emily de Molly also released two limited edition polishes and they are both gorgeous!

Grace-full Nail Polish Boozy Smurf (Polish Pick Up June 2020)
This is an incredible blue polish that I am definitely needing back on my nails.  Maybe it will be my next mani...

That brings us to the end of a very small favourites post.  Aside from these things mentioned already I really have loved rediscovering some of my older polishes.  It's been so nice (although a little challenging to workout what to wear) having them back on my nails.  

Now you may be wondering what is going to happen in terms of July.  Well honestly I have no idea at the moment.  My daughter is on school holidays for the next couple of weeks and we might be heading back into a lockdown again so I'm not sure how much nail time I will have.  It will be a wait and see thing.  Despite swatches and reviews would you be interested in seeing what I wear on my nails?  I definitely don't change them often and it will most likely be things I have already worn.  Let me know what you think.

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