Moyra Stamping Foil Polish Stamping Kit 3 - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

As you may be aware I recently made my first purchase from Moyra Stamping.  My main reason for this was their foil stamping polishes.  I love the idea of foils (I certainly have a lot of them in my collection) but I can never get them to work how I want them too.  When I saw that Moyra had foil stamping polishes I thought this could be the perfect solution for me.  I thought I would take the gamble and buy basically one of each (I will be sharing these with you over time) but I did discover that Moyra also sell Foil Polish Stamping Kits.  Each kit contains two of the magic foils, one foil stamping polish and two pigments.  I decided to grab Foil Polish Stamping Kit 3 which is what I will be sharing with you today.  This kit comes with the silver foil stamping polish, magic foils in silver and blue, and pigment powder 23 and 27.  For consistency I would swatch everything over black and used Moyra's Colour Book Stamping Plate.

Silver Foil Stamping Polish
This is exactly what you think it is.  It is just a silver (although more of a shimmery silver than a metallic silver).  It's quite pretty on its own and stamps perfectly.  I had zero issues with it.

Silver and Blue Magic Foils
There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using these foils and I have since learnt that each of these foils perform slightly different.  For the silver foil it appears that dabbing the foil on in bits is better than putting the foil all over the nail in one piece.  I dabbed the foil on my pinkie while the others was placed on the full nail.  I also only used top coat (seche vite) on my ring nail.  The others don't have any top coat.

Now for the blue I tried dabbing it on my pinkie again but as you can see it doesn't seem to work as well as the silver foil.  I also tried doing over the whole nail and that seemed to have better results, but overall I'm not loving the look as much as the silver.  I might try this foil over the white stamping polish and see if that will give a better result.

Pigments 23 & 27

I haven't tried these pigments as whole nails yet so I can't comment on that but over the foil stamping polish I really like them.  They are easy to use, although they do make quite a bit of mess.  I found that dipping my nail into the jars were better than trying to apply the pigment with a brush.  On my pinkie and ring nails I have used pigment 23 and on my middle and index nails I used pigment 27.

Overall I quite like the idea of this kit.  I am definitely excited about playing some more with this kit as well as the other foils and stamping polish I have from Moyra.

The Foil Polish Stamping Kit is available from Moyra Stamping.


  1. Oh this would a great kit to have... Although I'm a little apprehensive about buying Moyra products again.

    1. Oh no. How come you a apprehensive about buying Moyra products again? I still only have limited experience with them but so far I am liking them.