May 2019 Favourites

Friday, 31 May 2019

It's the end of May - which also means that it is the start of winter here in Australia.  Something I am definitely not looking forward to.  But let's forget about that for now and focus on all the good things from May.  It has definitely been a great month in the polish world.

Nail Art
In April I sadly did no nail art (and I mean none - not a single one) but May the nail art has been back!  And I think I did some really good manis.  Well they are ones that I really love anyway.

Stamping Plates
I have recently discovered Moyra Stamping.  While I haven't had a chance to play with all of the plates I own I did get to use one and I fell in love.
Moyra Stamping Nature Stamping Plate
I really like the mix of images on this plate and they stamp beautifully.  It's definitely a plate I look forward to using again.
Image from Moyra Stamping
Stamping Polish
This month I added a few new stamping polishes to my collection but a few of them I haven't shared on my blog yet so I won't be including them in this month's favourites.

Hit The Bottle I Like Mauve It, Mauve It 2.0 Stamping Polish
We all know that I am a sucker for purples and this one is beautiful.  I do think it looks better in person than it does in pictures though.

Moyra Foil Stamping Polish - Silver
For some strange reason I didn't actually take a picture of this foil stamping before adding foil to it.  To be honest, it just looks like a silver stamping polish - but it does dry a little slower which makes it great for adding foils and pigments.  I love it!  Especially with the silver foil over the top.  It's so good!

Mainstream Nail Polish
This month I have played with a few new mainstream collections and have discovered quite a few favourites.

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend OWL In Love Collection
I'm still not sure if I should be considering Dance Legend as a mainstream or an indie but for today I am going to consider them mainstream.  I love all three of the polishes from the OWL In Love Collection.  They are all gorgeous!

China Glaze x Sesame Street You Do Hue Collection
While this collection as a whole isn't a favourite of mine there are some great polishes in the mix.  My favourites in the collection are Monster Piece, Grover It and Free To Be Sesame.

Dance Legend Step Holo (Part) Collection
I love both of the holo's I was sent from Dance Legend as part of the Step Holo range.

Dance Legend Step Shine (Part) Collection
I was sent two of the polishes from the Step Shine Collection and I love them both.  In fact, I actually like the looks of the entire collection.

Essie Summer 2019 Collection
If you saw my post about this collection then it will know that it has been close to two years now since I last purchased an Essie polish.  I fell in love with collection as soon as I saw Essie post it and it didn't disappear.  There really is only one polish in this collection that I question whether I should include in here but as a whole I really like this collection.

Indie Polish
Each and every month the indie girls kill me (in the best way) with their polishes and May was no exception.

Emily de Molly Anniversary Releases
I don't think I can rave about these polishes enough!  They are all amazing and I think everyone needs them.

Emily de Molly Cute As A Button (Polish Pick Up May 2019)
The mixture between the colour and flakies means this polish was an instant love for me!

Emily de Molly LE160
This polish was actually meant to be released as a Polish Pick Up a few months ago but it didn't end up happening.  Luckily Hayley released it along with some other limited edition polishes which means I got to share it this month.  Woohoo!  I have so much love for this polish.

Grace-full Nail Polish Starfire (Hella Handmade Creations May 2019)
It's not a favourites post without some Grace-full Nail Polish.  I love everything about this month's Hella Handmade Creations polish.  It is absolutely stunning!

Grace-full Nail Polish Karma Chameleon (Polish Pick Up May 2019)
Any polish that shifts seems to always end up in my favourites.  The shifts always make wearing the polish fun and eye catching.  This is just one of those polishes that you put on and just keep looking at.  So much love!

Hit The Bottle Love Missile F1-11 (Polish Pick Up May 2019)
Polish Pick Up had some amazing releases this month's.  I mean look how gorgeous Love Missile F1-11 is?  

Wow!  This post is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.  I guess there was a lot more things that I fell in love with.  Not that that is a bad thing....well until the end of the year and I have to try and narrow down all the favourites.

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