Favourite Indie Polishes 2017

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Indie polishes definitely have made up the bulk of my favourites posts all year so to narrow them down to only twenty polish was close to impossible.  There were so many that I cut out that honestly should have made this list but I did manage to cut it down to only twenty polishes.  With the exclusion of full collections which I loved.  Those will be in the my favourites post tomorrow.

Emily de Molly
Emily de Molly has always been a favourite brand of mine for years now and this year they definitely make up the bulk of my top twenty indie polishes.  I am really excited to see what they come out with next year!

Animated Hearts is one part of the Valentine's trio.  It is by far one of the sparkliest polishes that I own.  In fact, when I swatched this polish I was blinded when I went to take my sunshine picture.

Ava is a polish that was at the top of my list to buy at Aussie Indie Con.  I have zero regrets with this one.  It's definitely perfection to me.

Bring The Light is a super holo!  Seriously it's awesome and the colour is gorgeous.

LE51 is one of the gorgeous limited edition polishes that were released this year.  Why this polish was only a LE is beyond me.  It's seriously awesome.

LE54 is definitely another one that I couldn't pass up.  I mean check out that colour?  So in love!

Midnight Serenade is one polish that as soon as I saw it (both online and in person) I fell in love.  I fell so in love that I would say that this polish is one of my all time favourites from Emily de Molly.  My pictures definitely don't do this polish the justice it deserves.

State Of Mind is another one of the polishes that I grabbed when I was at Aussie Indie Con.  It was quite simple, I saw it and I had to have it.  It's gorgeous.

Three's A Crowd  is another one of the polishes from the Valentine's trio.  Really this trio could have gone into my collection favourites post.  The polishes are all awesome.

Tied To Mystery is one of my newer Emily de Molly's.  It's pink and has flakies.  Again, my pictures don't really do this polish the justice it deserves.

Too Many Moves is one of the many multichrome polishes that were released this year.  I seriously struggled to narrow them down (mainly because I am a huge sucker for multichromes) but this one is definitely one of my favourites.  It's so shifty!

Traverse The Skies is one polish that every time I see swatches of it I think that I need it in my collection.  Well luckily for me, I already own it and love it.

Water Balance gives me mermaid vibes.  It's one of those polishes that when its one your nails you just can't stop looking at them.

Glam Polish
Glam Polish is one of those brands that make gorgeous polishes, but for one reason or another I never get around to buying (mainly because they sell in US dollars which makes their polishes more expensive than other brands) but I do love their polishes.  There were quite a few that I could have added to my list but ended up cutting them to make room for others that stole my heart.

May The 4th Be With You is one polish that I knew from the beginning that was going to make it into my top twenty polishes this year.  It's super holo plus has flakies!  It's seriously amazing!

Grace-full Nail Polish
Grace-full is another brand that I have loved for many years.  Really I have loved Grace-full since they first began making polishes.  There have been so many awesome polishes over the years and this year there has been some amazing polishes released.

Belsnickle is one that I debated about adding to my favourites but not because I don't love it.  It basically came down to this polish or the Aussie Indie Con VIP polish Eldritch.  Both are gorgeous, but Belsnickle wins by a nose.

Chet - Grace-full made the best holo microglitters.  They are sooooooo sparkly plus this colour is so eye catching.  I couldn't stop staring at it, especially in the sunlight.

Flakie Femme Fatale - it's purple and has flakies - yep definitely stole my heart as soon as I saw it.

Get A Hooker now this is a very me polish.  Theresa messaged me when I was at Aussie Indie Con asking me what I thought of this polish.  I hadn't actually seen it so circled back to grab it.  Naturally, it was love at first site!

Greige Enigma there is something that just draws me to this polish.  It's so pretty and unique.

Rosy Glow is another one of those polishes that Theresa makes that are stunning in person but don't photograph as nicely as they actually are.  This one is soooo pretty.  If you are a rose gold fan than this is a must have.

Powder Perfect
Powder Perfect have such a good range of both polishes and stamping goodies that I have loved over the years.  Again, I could have added a heap of their polishes to my list but I really had to cut my list down.

Dark Whispers is my favourite of all of the polishes that Powder Perfect released this year.  The colour is stunning and the formula is fantastic.

I am really happy with my top twenty polishes, although as I have mentioned before there were so many other polishes that I could have easily put into my favourites post but then the list would have been fifty plus polishes.  What have been some of your favourite indie polishes this year? 


  1. Emily de Molly made some good polishes last year. I'm sad I missed out on their cremes because the purple one looked gorgeous. Water Balance is definitely on my wishlist & reading your post has made me want to re-add Animated Hearts to that list!

    Those first 2 Grace-full polishes are stunning too....more polish to add to the list methinks...

    1. I really don't think you can go wrong with Emily de Molly polishes. Animated Hearts is amazing! But be warned - it is blinding in direct sunlight. You definitely need sunglasses.

      Grace-full is another brand that you can't go wrong with. <3