Favourite Mainstream Polishes 2017

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Last year I did a series of favourites posts - mainstream polishes, indie polishes, stamping polishes, stamping plates and nail art - and I wanted to do them again this year.  I really like going back over all of the polishes etc that I have used over the year, but trying to pick out my favourites is always an impossible task...actually that's not true.  Narrowing my favourites down to only twenty polishes is the impossible task.  Like last year, I am only including polishes that were released this year (it just makes my job a little easier).  Let's have a look at my top twenty mainstream polishes I have loved this year.  Please note that these aren't in any particular order.

My China Glaze collection definitely has grown a lot this year.  There have been a few duds along the way (I am looking at you matte polishes that crack when you dry!) but there have been a lot that I have fallen in love with.  Before going into my favourites I want to give a special mention to Blanc Out.  It's really just a standard white polish so isn't anything special but I did use up my entire bottle so it needed to be mentioned.

Crown For Whatever is from the Happily Never After Collection.  There are definitely some really great polishes in this collection but this one is definitely a stand out for me.  I love the matte finish - plus it also looks great with top coat.  It's definitely better in person than in my pictures.

Cutie Mark The Spot is from the My Little Pony Collection.  Overall, I was a big fan of this collection but again there are a few standouts (which you will see as you scroll through this post).  This polish is one of my favourite green polishes that China Glaze has made.  It's such a gorgeous colour.

Head To Taupe is from the Shades Of Nude Collection.  There are some great nude polishes in this collection but my top pink is this one.  It's a gorgeous colour (one that I love to wear in the cooler months) and the formula is awesome.  It's close to being a one coater!

I Just Canterlot is another polish from the My Little Pony Collection.  Was it me or were there not a lot of glitter polishes that were released from the mainstream brands?  Maybe I missed them, or have forgotten about them.  Anyway, I definitely haven't forgotten about I Just Canterlot.  It's such a gorgeous and sparkly polish.

New Year, New Boo is from The Glam Finale Collection.  This one I wasn't overly excited for when I first saw it, however as soon as I swatched it I fell head over heels.  The colour is stunning and the formula is perfection.  It's a one coater - what isn't to love about that?

Teal The Fever is also from the Glam Finale Collection.  I love this glitter!  I wore it over a dark green polish and feel in love with it even more.  This polish isn't one that is limited to wearing over a dark base.  I think it's going to be stunning over various base colours.

Too Much Of A Good Fling is from the Spring Fling Collection.  This is a great colour with a good formula.  I have worn it a few times since owning it.  That may seem like an odd thing to mention - but given I was daily blogging and trying a lot of new polishes, it says a lot for me to wear a polish a few times.

We Run This Beach is also from the Spring Fling Collection.  I love me a good nude polish and this one definitely stole my heart.  I mean look at that colour!

Where's The Party Cannon At? is yet another favourite of mine from the My Little Pony Collection.  I did have more polishes in this collection but had to cull them in make way for other polishes.

Essie have definitely upped their game this year.  Last year I didn't have any Essie's in my end of year favourites but this year I have five.  Yes two of them are kinda similar but they are both equally as stunning and needed to be in my favourites.

As If is from the Fall 2017 Collection.  There is just something about this polish that I love on my nails.  I love that it's not a typical 'fall' polish and it is quite a unique colour in my collection.

Backseat Besties is from the Spring 2017 Collection.  I do love a good pink polish and this one is an awesome pink polish.  I have so much love for it!

Baguette Me Not is from the Summer 2017 Collection.  This polish was quite surprising for me (not colour wise because I knew I would love it) but the formula.  I was honestly expecting it to be a three coater and to apply really unevenly.  It is the perfect two coater.

Blue-la-la is also from the Summer 2017 Collection.  I love this type of blue polish.  It's just beautiful.  The formula of this one was also surprising - in a good way.

Saved By The Belle is another polish from the Fall 2017 Collection.  I love pink polishes!  I don't know what else I can about this polish.

If you didn't know, OPI was the brand that really kick started my polish obsession back in 2010 and I still love it to this day.  Not all of the polishes are my cup of tea (I don't think there is a single brand out there that I can say that I love ALL of their polishes) but there are definitely a lot that I love.

Check Out The Old Geysirs is from the Iceland Collection.  This one isn't one that I was expecting to fall in love with but I most definitely have.  It's so unique and looks great on the nails.

One Heckla Of A Color is also from the Iceland Collection.  This is definitely one heck of a colour (sorry - it had to be said).  The formula is also awesome too.

Polly Want A Lacquer? is from the Fiji Collection.  Yes another purple has made it's way to my favourites.  Purple and pink polishes are always my favourite colours to wear and this one is so beautiful.

Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic is also from the Fiji Collection.  Gorgeous colour with an awesome formula - it also stamps well too.

Turn On The Northern Lights is another one from the Iceland Collection.  This one was the one I was most excited about from the collection and it didn't disappoint!

Two Timing The Zones is another one from the Fiji Collection.  Have I mentioned that I love pink polishes?   You can never have too many pinks in your collection and this is a great one to have.

As I have mentioned time and time again, I really do find it out narrow down my favourites, so much so I have decided that it is best to add in another category - my favourite collections.  There have been quite a few really awesome collections that have come out this year that I couldn't just pick a few shades from each.  I'll be doing the collections post on Friday so stay tuned for that.  It won't have any of the polishes that I have shown you today.

Before I end this post, I have a couple of other favourites from a couple of brands but I am not really sure where they fit.  They aren't quite mainstream, but they aren't really indies either.  I can't not include them so here are some other random favourites of mine.

Bow Nail Polish
Feeling Good.  This is such a stunning colour with a good formula.

piCture pOlish
Haven is one of the collaboration shades from this year.  Now this one is really special to me because it is the collaboration shade with one of my favourite people in the world - Margaret (@loveslacquer).  Margaret has been a huge fan of piCture pOlish for years so for her to have her own shade is awesome - plus it's a great shade.

Tasha is also another collaboration shade.  This is definitely a very me colour.  It's such a gorgeous purple.  It's definitely better in person, than in my pictures.

Right, that is everything for today's post.  Now I am off to try and decide which are my favourite indies for this year.  I am not going to lie - narrowing down the indies is going to be the hardest.  There were sooooooo many amazing indies released this year.

Let me know what some of your favourite mainstream polishes are for this year.


  1. I really loved OPI's Iceland collection this year, so awesome. Plus I love Margaret's Haven!

    1. Me too! I actually put the Iceland Collection in my Favourite Collections post today <3

  2. All of my fave mainstream polishes came from either China Glaze or Zoya. CG have hit it out of the ballpark this year with all of their seasonal collections, plus the My Little Pony one was just FANTASTIC. Still yet to get my hands on any of those polishes, but I'm hoping to at some stage before they disappear. As far as Zoya goes, I only really liked their Spring collection, but the 4 polishes I like from it (Jordan, Abby, Tina & another one whose name escapes me at present) are all good IMO.

    1. Zoya have had some really good looking polishes come out. I just find them really hard to get hold of. No one seems to want to send them to Australia :(