Favourite Polish Collections 2017

Friday, 29 December 2017

Today I have a new sort of favourites post for you.  Last year I did stamping plates and stamping polishes as separate posts but I think they can go in the same post this year (which will be tomorrows blog post).  I also found that I have quite a few collections that I love and really struggled to pull out the individual polishes to add to my mainstream and indie polish posts - so a favourite collections post is a must!  I should point out that I could have probably added more collections but for the most part I was able to pull out some of the polishes so I have skipped over them to save doubling up.  I hope that makes sense.

Starting off with mainstream brands...

China Glaze

Spring Pastels Collection
I love ALL of these polishes.  They are all so stunning.  If you want I think of the individual polishes you can find that here.

Street Regal Collection
Clearly I am not that only one who loved this year's Fall Collection.  This post is now my most viewed blog post ever!

Color Club

Coated Collection
Yes this collection claims to be a one coat collection, which is what initially drew me in, but sadly they aren't one coat polishes.  They are, however, gorgeous colours and do have better formulas than some of the original formulas so that is a huge win in my books.  I have wore quite a lot of these a few times since owning them.

Pop Play Collection
I raved about this collection a lot throughout the year and I still love them now.  They are such great colours and make for great nail art.

Ok I lied - I wasn't going to include any polishes that I had used in my other favourites post but it seems really wrong to skip over OPI as it is one of my favourite brands.
Fiji Collection
While the formulas across this collection were inconsistent I am a huge fan of all of the colours.

Iceland Collection
This is an awesome collection.  I know I ended up cutting a lot of these polishes out of my mainstream favourites post but there are so many great polishes - and I love this collection as a whole.

And now the indies....

Emily de Molly
I know I mentioned this yesterday but Emily de Molly really killed it this year with their releases!

5th Anniversary Trio
I can't believe that EdM has celebrated five years of polish making this year.  And what a way to celebrate.  I love all three of this polishes!  Seriously gorgeous!

Aussie Indie Con Trio
Aussie Indie Con produced some of the most stunning polishes this year (you will see more further down in this post).

Halloween Trio
I love Halloween polishes.  EdM definitely have my favourite Halloween polishes from this year.

Limited Edition Cremes
I know a lot of people think that cremes are 'boring' but I love them.  I love them as a full mani and I love them in nail art - so when Hayley released cremes I knew that I was going to be a huge fan.  The formulas are perfection!

November Holos
Who doesn't love holo polishes?  The colours of all of these are amazing and the formulas are awesome.

Glam Polish

Iconic Duos
We all know that I am a sucker for anything flakie and both or these polishes are amazing.

Grace-full Nail Polish

Aussie Indie Con Trio
As I mentioned earlier, Aussie Indie Con produced some awesome exclusive polishes.  Grace-full did some stunning exclusives.

Fruit Salad Collection
Cremes and rainbow coloured?  Yes please!  I have had so much use out of these polishes this year, and I imagine that I will keep using them over and over next year too.

Peg's World Collection
I love this collection (obviously - this is a favourites post after all).  The colours are all so beautiful and the formulas are fantastic.

Serenity Collection
When I wrote my review for this collection I wrote that this is probably my favourite collection that Grace-full have ever released and I stand by that statement to this day.  These are all amazing!

This year has definitely been an awesome year for polishes.  There have been sooooo many gorgeous polishes and collections, it really has been close to impossible for me to pick my favourites.  It was definitely harder this year to decide than last year that's for sure.  I am excited to see what comes out next year.

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