Xroma Polish & Vinyls Mixed Nail Vinyls (Part Two) - Swatches & Review

Monday, 16 January 2017

Well this post has been a long time in the making.  You may recall that I was sent a heap of new nail vinyls from Xroma Polish & Vinyls in November last year.  I have done one post so far (you can see that here if you missed it) and am slowly making my way through the other designs.  I think I still have another ten or eleven to do so you will have to keep a look out for those posts in the next few weeks.  Anyway, today I have another five designs to share with you.

If you have seen my previous post on these vinyls (or any of my posts on social media then) you will know that I am a big fan of Xroma's vinyls.  They are one of the brands vinyls that actually stick to my curved nails.  I did have trouble with the psychedelic vinyls not sticking but the day that I used these vinyls was incredibly hot and humid and I think the stickiness melted off them.
Polishes used are Emily de Molly Crystal Cavern and OPI I Manicure For Beads.

Fleur de Lis
For my base I used OPI Rich & Brazilian and then did a gradient with Essie's No Place Like Chrome and Good As Gold.

Polishes used are Pretty Serious Cosmetics Can't Take The Sky and Use The Quartz, Lonestar!

Polishes used are China Glaze's Sand In My Mistletoes (base colour), Happy Go Lucky, Feel The Breeze, Don't Messa With My Heart, and I'll Pink To That.

Turtle Shell 
For my base I used OPI Alpine Snow and then sponged on Essie's In It To Wyn It, Mark On Miami, Off The Wall, Stencil Me In and The Fuchsia Of Art.

There really is such a great selection of vinyls available from Xroma Polish & Vinyls.


  1. Wow these manis are so bright & im loving the designs of the vinyls. Lotus is especially pretty & I love that tortoise shell mani so much.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thanks Vicky. I love the turtle shell one too.