Crumpet's Nail Tarts: 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge: Christmas Preparations

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Originally I had planned to do this post yesterday, however I ended up with a migraine so there was zero chance of me doing my nails, let alone editing pictures and writing a blog post.  Given my timezone is ahead of most of the others I figured it would be ok to post this a "day late".  Today's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas theme is Christmas Preparations.  Now to me when I think of Christmas Preparations I think decorating, shopping and wrapping presents so that is exactly what I put on my nails....well minus the shopping part.  I remembered that I had these Milv water decals hidden in my collection and they are perfect for this theme.

I'm looking forward to next fortnight's theme.  Should be interesting.

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  1. Gorgeous mani and such a lovely design! I thought exactly the same as you and although I've yet to post my blog post (I'm super late but what's new!), I thought of exactly the same ideas as you when I read the prompt!
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you. They say great minds think alike. I can't wait to see your mani :)