OPI Tru Neons Collection - Swatches & Review

Friday, 19 August 2016

It may be winter here in Melbourne and while I have been loving some winter polishes lately I thought it was time to finally swatch the OPI Tru Neons Collection.  I actually purchased this collection a while ago now and have had it sitting waiting for me to swatch for maybe a month now?  It's been a long time that's for sure.  Anyway, let's take a look before I start rambling.

Normally I swatch all polishes directly onto the nail so you can see how many coats it takes for a polish to be opaque.  For this post I have swatched all polishes over white, because I think these polishes looked quite sheer when I swatched them on sticks.  Formula wise, they vary slightly from polish to polish.  Some are quite streaky and apply unevenly, others apply better.  All of my swatches show two coats.  As with most neon polishes, these were a little tricky to photograph and aren't 100% accurate due to my camera freaking out a bit.

Correctomundo is described as a twilight blue.  It's definitely not what I would consider a neon polish but I think it's a great colour still.  It does look darker in person than what is shows in my swatch.  This one does apply unevenly and streaky.

Green Come True is described as a vivid green.  This polish applies the most unevenly of the polishes in this collection.  I actually did two and a bit coats to try and even it out a bit but as you can see in my swatch, it didn't really work.

No Doubt About It is described as a luminous coral orchid.  I quite like this colour.  It's really pretty.  Again, this one applied unevenly and streaky.

No Faux Yellow is a bright (not highlighter) yellow.  I really like bright yellow polishes.  No clue why.  This one applies probably applies the most evenly of the collection.

Pants On Fire! is described as a blazing orange.  This polish is definitely bright in person than what it looks in my picture.  The formula applies unevenly on the first coat but does ok evening out on the second.  I do quite like the colour of this one but it's not a favorite of mine (both from this collection or in comparison to other neon orange polishes).

Precisely Pink is a neon pink.  Now no surprise here I am sure but I really like this one.  The formula is quite good.  It applies reasonably evenly and doesn't look as patchy in person as it looks in my swatch.  A third coat might even it out some more.

While I do really like a lot of the colours in this collection, I can't say I will be grabbing for these polishes too often.  I have enough neon polishes in my collection with better formulas that I can use.


  1. Tracy this collection is stunning and I'm loving your swatches. They're so flawless. I really need to learn your neon-swatching skills xx
    Vicky @thepolishlist

    1. Thanks Vicky. Your swatches are always amazing. You definitely don't need to learn anything :)