Line Blocking Nail Art Tutortial

Friday, 30 September 2016

Just over two years ago I did my first ever pictorial over on Instagram.  I have been thinking for a little while now that I should re do the pictorial and add it to my blog.  Scrolling through Instagram to find it is an absolute pain.  Today just so happens to be "inspired by a tutorial" for the 31DC2016 challenge I am doing.  I figure today is the perfect day to add this tutorial to my blog.

Things you will need:
* Two polishes of your choice
* Striping tape or nail vinyls
* Scissors

Step by step instructions:
1.  Paint your base coat (and top coat) and allow to dry fully.  For my base colour I am using China Glaze Knockout Orange (over white) and used Seche Vite as my top coat.

Step One
2.  Place a straight nail vinyl or piece of striping tape down the center of your nail.

Step Two
3.  Place two vinyls across the middle of the nail.  I don't like to have these lining up but that is just a personal preference.  I also cut a nail vinyl in half for this step as the vinyl is too long for what I need.

Step Three
4.  After cutting another vinyl in half place the two pieces evenly apart horizontally in one corner of you nail.  Where you start is completely up to you.

Step Four
5.  Again cut another vinyl in half, however this time you will be placing the two pieces evenly apart in a vertical direction.

Step Five
6 & 7.  These steps are the same as steps 4 and 5, however you will just be switching the direction of the vinyls.  For example, if you have your tape going horizontally near your cuticles you will want your tape to be vertical on the other half of your nail near the cuticles.

Step Six

Step Seven
8.  Apply your second colour over the top of the vinyls/striping tape.  For this step I used China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Step Eight
9.  Remove all vinyls immediately after you have finished step 8.  If you let the polish dry you may not get crisp lines.  Once your top layer of polish has dried, add top coat.  Don't forget to clean up any unwanted polish around your nails!

And the final result:

Final result

What do you think of this mani?  Is it something you will try out?  If you do make sure you tag me on Instagram (or even post it in my Facebook group) so I can check it out!

Let me know your thoughts on this type of tutorial and if there are any other tutorials you would like to see me do.