Grace-full Nail Polish Dream In The Sky with Emily de Molly Cohesion

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Sometimes you just fall in love with a polish and you just don't want to take it off.  Well that is exactly what happened with Grace-full Nail Polish's Dream In The Sky.  Mix my wanting to keep it on plus Emily de Molly releasing new toppers (which at the time of doing this mani I didn't happen) and I knew that I needed to add a topper.  So this is the mani that I ended up wearing for a few days.  It was amazing and I just had to share.

For the mani I used Grace-full Nail Polish Dream In The Sky (which is available this weekend through the Polish Pick Up) and topped it with one coat of Emily de Molly Cohesion.  


I loooooooove this mani!  You'll definitely be seeing it in my monthly favourites.

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