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Friday, 27 December 2019

It's that time of year again.  It's the time where I spend hours (literally!) going through all the polishes that were released throughout the year and try and narrow down my favourites.  Like previous years I will have a post for my favourite collections, my favourite mainstream and indie polishes, my favourite stamping plates and stamping polishes and my favourite nail art.  Today I have my top eleven favourite polish collections from 2019.  I tried really hard to narrow it down to ten but I just couldn't.  I love all of the polishes in these collections.  These collections are in no particular order (because that would be way too hard to do) and none of the polishes that are in these collections will appear in any of my other favourites lists (that's how I cheat and allow myself more favourites).  Right onto the collections!

Mainstream Collections
This year was definitely a little quieter on the mainstream front for me.  I didn't really purchase much this year due to a lack of time and funds but I still managed to get some awesome collections.

Color Club Whatever Forever Collection
I said this back in April and I'll say it again - I am absolutely in love with this collection and totally obsessed!  All of the colours are amazing both on their own and in nail art.  I also really like them on my toes.  They have definitely had a lot of use this year and I imagine I'll keep grabbing for them in 2020.  In case you wanted to see the original swatches and review you can find that here and some comparison swatches here.

OPI x Converse Neons By OPI Collection
I only had one minor complaint about this collection - Australia missed out on two of the colours!  At some point I will get my hands on them but until then I will just keep loving the four polishes I have.  The formulas aren't a favourite of mine but the colours are totally worth it.  You can find my original swatches and review here and my nail art post using this collection here.

Indie Collections
The indie girls killed it this year!  I think a lot of the brands have stepped up their game and boy did it make it hard to narrow it down (I'll talk a little more about this in my indies favourites in a couple of days).  In terms of full collections I have to say that Emily de Molly absolutely killed it!  And so did Hit The Bottle.

Emily de Molly Anniversary Collection
I don't think I can rave about this collection enough.  It is seriously AMAZING!  You can see all of my swatches and my review here.

Emily de Molly August 2019 Releases
Love, love, love this release!  All of the polishes are amazing and are a must have.  You can find the post for this collection here.

Emily de Molly February 2019 Releases
This was one of the first collections for 2019 and I knew from this collection that this year was going to be a really good year for Emily de Molly and they didn't disappoint at all.  I'm sure I'm not the only person out there that thinks that Hayley absolutely killed it!  You can find all the February polishes in this post here.

Emily de Molly LE January Releases
It's funny looking back at this post (you can find it here) because in it I spoke about how I had just rearranged all of my polishes and that I now have a full Alex drawer unit for my Emily de Molly polishes and room to grow.  Well the Emily de Molly's definitely grew because I am slowly running out of space again.  Eek! No complaints really because I have added a lot of amazing polishes - like the limited edition polishes that were released back in January.

Emily de Molly March 2019 Releases
Again, this was another funny post to look back on because I was talking about how much Hayley was killing it and that it was going to make for an impossible time narrowing down my favourites.  I was very much correct.  It has been near impossible to do!  I have had to cut out some really awesome polishes to keep my lists smaller.  Anyway, you can find the post for this release here.

Emily de Molly Neon Collection 
I bet this one comes as no surprise - neons are always a favourite of mine and then you add Hayley's amazing formulas and I'm head over heels.

Emily de Molly November 2019 Releases 
The last collection from Emily de Molly that I absolutely love was the November Releases.  November was such a great month!  I mean look at how gorgeous each of these polishes are?  Love, love, love!  You can find the original post here.

Hit The Bottle Stuck In The 80s Collection
Have I mentioned that I love neon polishes?  Michelle made some amazing neons earlier this year that stamp really well and also great to wear on their own.   You can find my swatches and review here.

Hit The Bottle Stuck In The 80s Collection
Have I mentioned that I love neon polishes?  Michelle made some awesome ones this year that not only look great on their own but they also stamp beautifully as well.  You can't go wrong with a two for one polish.  You can find my swatches and review here.

Hit The Bottle Jelly Shots Collection
OMG!  These polishes definitely got a huge work out from me this year.  Easily some of the best jelly polishes out there for lead lighting.  You can find my post about these babies here.

That brings us to the end of my favourite collections from 2019.  As I mentioned earlier none of the individual polishes in these collections will show up in any favourites posts.  Honestly, I don't think I could narrow down individual polishes any more than I already have.

What have been some of your favourite polish collections from this year?

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