July 2018 Favourites

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

It's funny to be sitting here and doing my monthly favourites.  Not because the month has gone exceptionally quick (it has gone at a decent pace though) but because looking back I feel like I have done a lot of manis but based on the amount of blog posts I have done much at all.  All that said, this monthly favourites post will be on the small (ish) size.  Let's take a look shall we?

Nail Art
I have been loving skittlette manis this month.  They are so fun to wear.  I can definitely see me wearing more skittlette manis in August as well.  Again, it's really not a "Tracy" favourites post without a multicoloured sponged background with black stamping so course there are a few of those manis.

Stamping Plates
There isn't any plates that I have played with this month that I haven't love so I am including them all.
Lina Nail Art Supplies Dress Your Nails 02
Big fan of this plate.  If I did have to pick only one of the two plates from this series I would say that Dress Your Nails 01 would be my pick of the two.
Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Uberchic Collection 27
This collection is one of those collections that I really had a hard time trying to decide which plate and which image first.  You know that that is a good sign of a plate.

Image from Uberchic
Uberchic Moroccan Beauty
I love the images on this plate!  I can see me grabbing for this plate a lot!
Image from Uberchic
Mainstream Polishes
I have only tried two collections from mainstream brands this month - OPI Grease Collection and Sally Hansen + Crayola Back To School Collection.  Both of the collections to be honest weren't overly exciting in terms of their colours, however I do have to say that I am really impressed with the Sally Hansen's formula.

Sally Hansen + Crayola Back To School Collection
As I mentioned the colours in this collection aren't overly unique, however the formula's are amazing!  I do also really like these colours for nail art (as you can see in my nail art at the top of this post).  I am seriously hoping that Australia get the remaining colours from this range because I definitely need them in my collection.

Indie Polishes 
Indie brands never let me down!  I don't think there has ever been a month where indie's aren't represented in my favourites posts.  The indie girls really do make the best polishes!
Emily de Molly July Releases
This month's release has been amazing from Emily de Molly.  My personal favourites (and yes I am aware I am about to list the bulk of this release but I really do love them!) are Dormant Fractures, Evening Mist, Made Of Emotion, Perfect Moments and The Grey Silence.  

Grace-full Nail Polish Gram's Unicorn
While the Charmed Again Collection is a great collection, there is really only one absolute stand out for me. - Gram's Unicorn.  It is such a me polish!  Love, love, love it!

That is July done.  I am hoping that August I will be able to get some more manis done.  I do have quite a bit of new things to play with which is exciting.  

What have been some of the polishes and plates that you have been loving this month?

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