Lilypad Lacquer September 2016 New Releases (Part Three) - Swatches & Reviews

Sunday, 11 September 2016

I'm back with Part Three of the new releases from Lilypad Lacquer.  Now I can't remember if I have mentioned it or not (forgive my tired exhausted brain - it's been a long couple of weeks with moving) Lilypad Lacquer have released thirty new holographic polishes.  I do have all thirty to swatch, however I only have swatched fifteen so far.  Today's post is the last five polishes that I have swatched so this is be the last Lilypad Lacquer post for a little bit until I swatch the remaining polishes...and there are some gorgeous ones!

Like with the other two parts of this post all polishes have a great formula.  They are easy to use, build up nicely (they do vary from being two to three coats), and look gorgeous, especially in the sun.  All of my pictures are taken outdoors and in direct sunlight and all polishes are swatched without top coat.

Close Encounter is a red toned purple holographic.  Purple - check!  Looks amazing in the sun - check!  Fantastic formula - check!  Definitely is everything I could ask for in a holographic polish.  My swatch shows two coats.

Picture taken outdoors in shade

Picture taken in direct sunlight
Hardcore is copper tone orange holographic.  You can get away with two coats of this one, but there is a slight visible nail line.  I used three coats for my swatch.

Picture taken outdoors in shade

Picture taken in direct sunlight
Lollipop is a bright light pink holographic.  This one is probably the sheerest of this half of the new releases.  It does build up in three coats, but there is still a light visible nail line.  For me personally, I would probably wear this over a base colour next time.  The colour of this polish is beautiful.  My swatch shows three coats.

Picture taken outdoors in shade

Picture taken in direct sunlight
Star Struck is a violet toned navy blue.  The formula of this one is amazing!  You could easily get away with using one coat.  For my swatch I used two coats.

Picture taken outdoors in shade

Picture taken in direct sunlight
When Love Comes To Town is a bright red holographic. While I did use three coats for this polish, you could easily get away with two coats if you don't mind a very slight visible nail line.

Picture taken in overcast lighting

Picture taken in direct sunlight
There is definitely some amazing polishes in Lilypad Lacquer's new releases.  I would be surprised if there is anyone out there would could not find a colour they love.  My top picks from the polishes in this post are Close Encounter and Lollipop.  I'm going to guess that no one is surprised by that?  I'm such a sucker for pink and purple polishes.

In case you haven't seen the other polishes that have been released this month you can click the links below (I will update this post as well as the other posts when I have swatched and review the remaining polishes):

All of these five polishes are available from Lilypad Lacquer.


  1. Thirty new holo's? How can there even be that many not done before? Either way I'm excited and I can't wait to see the rest of your swatches. Although I don't mind telling you I'm happy I'm now swatching that many. I usually get 2 swatches done an hour so this would be a very full on timetable of swatching.
    Vicky xx

    1. It's definitely a lot of swatching (and chasing the sun!) but I actually really like swatching. Editing all the pics on the other hand, that's definitely not my favorite part of blogging. Two swatches an hour is good. I'm sure that's about what I do. I'm thinking of doing a blog post on a week of nails for me because I seem to get asked about it a fair bit. It will be interesting for me to see where my hours are spent nail wise :)