May 2021 Favourites

Monday, 31 May 2021

Wow this month has gone by incredibly fast!  So fast that I nearly forgot to do my monthly favourites which future Tracy would not be happy about.  Although I have really struggled to narrow down my favourites this month so future Tracy probably isn't going to be happy anyway.  So without further ado let's take a look at all the goodness that was May.

Nail Art
This month I have been crazy busy with life and swatching (which now means I have well over a hundred pictures waiting for me to edit) so nail art has taken a back seat.  Boo!  Hopefully I will find some time (and motivation) next month.

Indie Polishes
No new mainstream polishes for me this month.  In fact, I don't actually remember the last time I had a mainstream polish even on my nails.  Although I have to say the new China Glaze collection looks like something that I would like.  Anyway, my indie girls never disappoint!

Emily de Molly May 2021 Releases
Hayley has been really busy this month.  She released some new toppers (which I am obsessed with - swatches will be coming to my blog soon!), a crelly trio and some covert base coats.  Also this month is her May 2021 Release which I love!  Each of the polishes are gorgeous!

Emily de Molly May Limited Editions
Along side the above polishes Hayley also released four new limited edition polishes that are all amazing!

Emily de Molly Facebook Exclusives
Did I mention that this month has been a busy month for Hayley?  This month we were lucky enough to get not one but two new facebook group exclusives!  

Emily de Molly No Regrets (Polish Pick Up May 2021)
Last but not least for the Emily de Molly's that I have been loving this month - No Regrets.  This polish was released as part of this month's Polish Pick Up and I love it!

Grace-full Nail Polish Gem Sparks (Indies Down Under May 2021)
This month brought a new round of Indies Down Under and Grace-full made the most amazing polish!  Sadly it doesn't photograph as good as it looks in person - seriously it's gorgeous!

Grace-full Nail Polish Red Lynx 
Red Lynx was released as part of the Nook Isle Collections.  This was a great collection but Red Lynx was the polish that stole my heart.

Grace-full Nail Polish Something Wicca (Polish Pick Up May 2021)
Something Wicca was an amazing polish that was released.  Multichromes will always be a favourite for me.

Like I mentioned at the start of this post I'm basically including everything this month but in fairness to me it was an amazing month of polishes.  And June will have some more amazing things coming so stay tuned! 

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