February 2021 Favourites

Sunday, 28 February 2021

It's official the end of February and what a month it has been.  This month we had another lockdown (luckily it was only for 5 days but still I was hoping for no lockdowns this year), I reorganised all of my Grace-full Nail Polish and Emily de Molly polishes (I had outgrown the drawers so needed to purchase yet another Alex drawer set), and this month we had to say goodbye to our beautiful nearly 15 year old cat Sampi.  She unfortunately was very ill and was starting to struggle to walk.  Losing Sampi definitely has been really hard for our whole family (especially for our daughter and it was her first experience with death). So with good reason I have been a little quiet this month.  But not so quite that I have nothing to put in a favourites post so let's take a look at all of the things I have loved in February.

Nail Art
So much for my goal at the start of the year for doing more nail art.  This month I have done none.  Opps.  But in fairness the little nail time I have had I have been busy swatching new polishes for Grace-full Nail Polish (which you may have seen in the last couple of blog posts) and also some new things coming from Emily de Molly (you'll need to wait for tomorrow's post for those - they are definitely not to be missed).

Nail Polish

Emily de Molly January 2021 Trio
Hayley surprised us all with this gorgeous trio last month and OMG I am in love.  They are all so good!

Grace-full Nail Polish Harbour Sunset (Polish Pick Up February 2021)
I'm not usually one to rave about thermals (mainly because they are a pain in the bum for me to photograph) but I have nothing but good words for this thermal.  The colours are gorgeous, it transitions well between the states and the formula is great.

Grace-full Nail Polish Unintentional Collection
Grace-full's first collection of the year is awesome!  There is such a great mix of colours and finishes in there.  I probably could put the whole collection in my favourites but Future Tracy who needs to narrow down favourites at the end of the year won't be too happy.  So my absolute favourites from this collection are Fortuitous, Incidental, Coincidental and Unintended.

Grace-full Nail Polish Daintree (Throwback February 2021)
I'm pretty sure that this polish was in a favourites post when it was originally released a few years back but I still love it so it needs to be in today's post as well.  I mean how gorgeous is this colour?

This month has definitely been quiet on the blog post front but I do promise that I am still around and have been swatching so many goodies.  Definitely come back tomorrow to check out the new Emily de Molly polishes because they are not to be missed.  You can bet that they will be in my March favourites.


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