May 2017 Favourites

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I would like to say that I am shocked at how quickly this month has flown by (which is partly true) but it has also seemed like it has dragged on as well.  It has been such a busy month for me that I think I have been looking forward to June so that things can slow down a bit.  June is also going to be an exciting month for me.  I get to have a visit from one of my favourite people in the whole wide world and it is also Aussie Indie Con! I am so excited.  Anyway, I like to wrap up the end of each month with a post on all of my favourite things that I have been loving.  I think looking back at these will also be helpful when trying to work out what I have been loving for my end of year posts.  Seriously, it's hard to remember all of the pretties that have been released.

Nail Art
Kicking starting with all my favourite nail art that I have done this month.  I have been particularly fond of sponging on polish this month.  I think it's fun and gives such a great look.  Again, I have been loving stamping.  It's really my go to when I don't want plain nails.

Stamping Plates
I think it's pretty standard that each month I have some plates from Lina Nail Art Supplies and Uberchic Beauty.  They both have great images and are great quality plates. 

Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 04
The Make Your Mark plates are easily among my all time favourite plates of Lina's.  If you haven't grabbed any then I highly recommend that you do.  They are fun to play with and you can create so many different looks.  You can see my original post on MYM04 here.
Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Lina Nail Art Supplies Mad For Mandalas 01
If you saw my post on the Mad For Mandalas plate then it's probably no surprise to you that this plate is here.  I think the images are stunning!
Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Uberchic Beauty Collection Sixteen
Uberchic have been releasing so many collections lately (I am currently working my way through collection eighteen at the moment).  I have been loving Collection Sixteen this month.  There are so many fantastic images, particularly on 16-02 and 16-03.  You can check out these plates and how I used them here.
Image from Uberchic Beauty
Uberchic Beauty Texture-licious 02
Again, this plate should come as no surprise.  I love texture looking manis.  These plates are particularly great for layering.  You can see my original post here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
Indie Polishes
Emily de Molly
These polishes weren't actually released this month (I haven't purchased the polishes that were released this month because I am going to be grabbing them at Aussie Indie Con in June).  These polishes were released back in March but I have only just had the chance to swatch them this month.  You can see the post with all the polish names and my review of the individual polishes here. 

Glam Polish May The 4th Be With You
I really don't know what more I can say about this polish other than it's AMAZING!!!  You can see more pictures of this stunner here. 

Glam Polish Iconic Duos Fan Group Exclusives
Seriously loving this duo.  I think they are both stunning!  You can see more pictures and my review here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Super Polish Girls Collection
Grace-full Nail Polish released a super cute collection this month (I love the stickers that co-ordinate with the polishes - you can see the full collection here).  I particularly loved Flakie Femme Fatale, Glitter Glamazon, Multichrome Minx and Pastel Prima Donna.

Powder Perfect
Powder Perfect have had a couple of stunners this month.  I have really loved Baron Of Ibelin and Enchanted Rose.  Such gorgeous polishes.

Mainstream Polishes
There really haven't been too many new mainstream polishes for me this month.  It seems a little odd not to have some China Glaze or OPIs.  I did however fall in love with two polishes from Essie's Summer 2017 Collection (you can see that collection here) - Blue-La-La and Baguette Me Not.

Your Favourites
Now this might not really be 100% accurate simply because this month I haven't posted all of my nail art (or even swatches) over on Instagram.  But these are the top nine most liked pictures that I did post on Instagram.

The top three most viewed posts this month are:

That rounds up May.  Bring on June!  I am excited for next month.  New polishes, new plates, and Aussie Indie Con!  Hands up who is coming along to Aussie Indie Con on June 17th?


  1. What a month you had! I always marvel at how many swatches and nail art looks you get through. No wonder you're excited for June! I plan to up my nail art game & try and include something new on my blog! Only 1 month left and I can roll over the half a year look back posts too!!
    Have a fab June and I can't wait to see what amazing things you get up to.
    Vicky x

    1. What a month I have had? I just saw you're monthly favourites post. You have had an EPIC month!! I look lazy in comparison to you lol.