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Monday, 18 July 2016

Today I have a completely different type of blog post for me.  I asked last week (was it last week?  Time goes so quickly at the moment I am struggling to keep up) if you guys had any questions you wanted to ask me and apparently there are a few.  Some of these questions are things that I have been asked over the years on Instagram and while I have answered them finding those answers would be very challenging now. So let's begin....

Where does the name "Olivia Jade" come from?
For those of you who don't know my name is Tracy, my daughter's name is Olivia.  I was late to the Instagram party and all the usual names I would use were already taken.  So I stole my daughter's name.  I have no intentions of ever actually posting anything and then three plus years later here I am.

Are you a stay at home mum?
Yes.  I have been fortunate enough to being able to stay home with my baby for four nearly five years now.  I plan on returning to some form of work next year when Olivia starts school.  What will I be doing?  Well that really is a billion dollar question.  I still have zero clue what I want to do when I grow up.

How many polishes do you have in your collection?
At this exact moment in time I have just under 2600.

Do you ever feel you have too much polish?
I have felt I have "too much" polish about five times now.  The first time was when I spend days bubble wrapping all my polishes to move from Melbourne to Queensland.  The second time was when I had to unwrap all of the polishes.  Third and forth time was wrapping and unwrapping them all to move from Queensland back to Melbourne.  And the fifth time was just before I did my destash.  I really didn't want to have to buy another set of drawers so I cleared out about 500 polishes.

How do you store your polishes/nail art supplies?
The bulk of my polishes live in six Alex drawers that I purchased from Ikea.  I do have back up polishes that live in a separate box in my polish room.  I store all my stamping plates in various folders and all of my other nail art supplies (studs, foils, loose glitter) live in two stationary drawers.  I will do a more detailed post about my storage at some point and will also include my lighting set up.
Image from Ikea
Favorite top coat & base coat?
My favorite top coat is hands down Seche Vite.  I go through that stuff like there is no tomorrow.  I can't even tell you how many of those large refill bottles I have gone through over the years.  For matte top coat I have been using either the OPI or Essie ones.

My go to base coat is Revlon ColorStay Gel-Smooth Base Coat.  Sadly this was discontinued a couple of years ago.  I literally spent a day going from store to store buying out all of the base coats I could find.  I still have about five bottles left so will soon be on the hunt for a new base coat.  Any recommendations? 

Must have nail products? 
Base and top coats, nail polish thinner (I use Seche Restore), cuticle remover (I use the Blue Cross one), nail files and cuticle oils.  I also think white and black nail polishes (both regular and stamping) are awesome to have.  They are my most used polishes - particularly white polish (my go to is OPI Alpine Snow).

Favorite stamping style/plate/image type?
I don't really have a particular favorite plate or image.  There are just so many awesome ones out there.  As for style I definitely prefer a full nail design over an individual image.  I don't mind the buffet style plates but sometimes I find them a little overwhelming so skip over them a bit. 

Can you do videos?
Videos, videos, videos!  In all honesty, I am not sure what sort of videos I could do that aren't already out there.  Most of the nail videos you see on accounts these days are the exact video with different polishes (eg, a gradient with stamping over the top).  I do have a camera now that I am able to do videos on, I just need the time to film, learn to edit and then the time to actually edit videos.  If people are wanting videos from me then I am happy to really look into it.  Just let me know what kinds of videos you would like.
Hopefully, I answered all of your questions.  If not, feel free to ask more.  I am happy to answer questions at any time.


  1. And my husband thought I had a lot of polishes at about 200-250. LOL Most of my stuff is in a Helmer and two drawers sets from Micheals, which are called Melmers for being like Helmers. Ya, you wanted to know all of that. ;0) Actually videos aren't all that. I loved learning more about you.

    1. Thank Christy. I can see why people love videos but at this point everyone is doing the same things over and over. How many times do you need to see that? 200-250 is a great number of polishes. It's not too little and there is plenty of room to grow ;)