Pueen Lover Plate Stamping Collection - Swatches & Review

Monday, 21 December 2015

I have been a bad bad blogger recently.  Before I left on holidays I was sure that I had caught up on everything that I needed to, however it just occurred to me that that is not the case at all.  Some how I missed posting the new Pueen Lover Plate Stamping Collection.  I have no clue how I missed this.  This is one set that I am so excited to have and I think it makes a great gift for someone who loves stamping or for someone who is just starting to get into stamping.  Let's jump in and see what comes in this collection/box set.

Front of box

Back of box with detailed instructions of how to use stamping plates

Stamper and scraping card

Now this collection comes with four rectangle plates with each plate having a set theme.  All plates come in individual sleeves that are in different colours and show some examples of some manis that you can use.  These are great for storage and some extra inspiration if needed.  Each plate also has a plastic backing that is also colour co-ordinated.

A sample of the sleeves for each of the plates

Sample of the back of one of the plates
Fancy Lover Plate
Fancy Lover 01

Mani done using Fancy Lover 01
Nature Lover Plate
Nature Lover 01

Mani done using Nature Lover 01
Geo Lover Plate
Geo Lover 01

Mani done using Geo Lover 01
Fairytale Lover Plate
Fairytale Lover 01

Mani done using Fairytale Lover 01
I am loving these plates.  Not only are the designs great (and they are a good size especially for those with longer nails) but they all stamp really well.

The Lover Plate Stamping Collection is available now from Pueen.  The plates are available as a set as well as individually.  Which of these plates is your favorite?


  1. I am hoping you are enjoying your holiday. I am still on the fence about these plates. They look similar to a lot of what I already have but I do like the Geo plate.

  2. Oh wow realy great manis :-D