China Glaze Road Trip Collection - Comparisons

Friday, 20 February 2015

In my last post I shared with you my swatches and review of the China Glaze Road Trip collection.  I noticed when I first received them that some of the colours in this collection reminded me of other polishes that I have in my collection.  I didn't do swatch comparisons for the entire collection because I don't have things in my collection that I believed were similar enough to do swatches of.

China Glaze Boho Blues vs China Glaze Secret Periwinkle vs China Glaze Fade Into Hue
No dupes between these three polishes.  All polishes require two coats.  As for formulas, Boho Blues has a much runnier consistency but isn't hard to manage.

China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer vs Sinful Colours Cinderella
I have had a couple of people ask for a comparison between these two.  These definitely aren't dupes.  Cinderella is a darker base and has more prominent glitter/shimmer than Dashboard Dreamer.  Formulas are pretty similar and both require three coats.

China Glaze I Brake For Colour vs China Glaze Pop The Trunk
I know these two aren't dupes at all but I thought it would be good for people who are trying to decide between the two.  Both polishes have three coats in my swatch.  Formula wise and colour wise I prefer I Brake For Colour.

China Glaze I Brake For Colour vs Orly Teeny Bikini vs OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It vs OPI Cajun Shrimp
No dupes with these ones.  Cajun Shrimp and Teeny Bikini are closest in colour to each other but Teeny Bikini is slightly darker.  Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It looks more orange toned in comparison and I Brake For Colour is much more pink toned.  All polishes are three coats.

China Glaze License & Registration Pls vs Ulta3 Block It Out vs Zoya Ling vs OPI Ogre The Top Blue
No dupes again but License & Registration Pls are exceptionally close in colour but Ling is slightly lighter.  Ulta3 has a pearly finish and visible brush strokes.  If you have to pick one of these polishes I would say go with Ling as it has the best formula out of this group (it's nearly a one coater).  All polishes have been swatched with two coats. 

China Glaze Pinking Out The Window vs OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
These two actually surprised me at how different they look on the nail because in the bottles that look nearly identical.  Both apply slighty patchy and require three coats to be fully opaque.

China Glaze Sun's Up Tops Down vs China Glaze Happy Go Lucky vs OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
I know these aren't dupes or even close because Sun's Up Tops Down is a shimmer polish but given that the shimmer doesn't stand out unless you are in certain lights I thought I would compare it to some cremes.  Personally I say skip Sun's Up Tops Down and go for I Just Can't Cope-acabana (it's one of my favorite yellows) or Happy Go Lucky.  My swatch shows four coats of Suns Up Top Down, three coats of Happy Go Lucky and two coats of I Just Can't Cope-acabana.

So there you have it.  I don't have any dupes in my collection for these polishes but I do have a few things that a pretty similar.


  1. Thanks Alinta. I've also been a big fan of comparison posts. They definitely make deciding between polishes a lot easier :)

  2. Great post! Unfortunately it's quite an expensive post as I realise I need Secret Periwinkle even though I already have Boho Blues and I must have OPI Fizzy Today and Brake for Color.... ah well if I must...

    1. Thanks Claire. Secret Periwinkle arrived into my collection at the same time as Boho Blues. Both are really pretty and need to be added to your collection too. And OPI Fizzy Today and I Brake For Colour. Really you just need to buy everything Claire. ;)