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It's destash time again!  Like usual, I am running out of room in my Alex drawers so it's time to move some of my pretties onto a new home where I am sure they will get more love than they do here.  I have literally gone through all of my polishes so pretty much every brand is up for grabs.  Not because I don't love these brands or polishes, it's a just a storage issue at this point. 

A few things to note:
  • Due to strict regulations I am unable to send any polishes internationally.  I can send to Australian addresses only.  Please keep that in mind before contacting me.
  • All prices are listed in AUD and do not include postage.  Standard Australia Post prices apply.
  • I do not take responsibility for any lost or damaged items.  I will ensure that everything is bubble wrapped adequately.
  • If you are interested in any items please email me at
  • PayPal only via friends and family. If you are not comfortable doing so you will be required to also pay the PayPal fees. 
  • Payments must be made within 24 hours so if you are unable to pay straight away please hold off emailing me. 
  • All polishes have been used least once on a swatch stick or swatched on four nails.  There are a few that are brand new because I have doubles.  I will note anything that is brand new with BN.

Right I think I have covered everything I need to.  Happy shopping!

L-R: OPI Infinite Shine -$4 each
Adam Says "It's New Years, Eve"
Ring The Buzzer Again
Party At Holly's
I'll Have A Manhatten
Holidazed Over You
Don't Take Yousmite For Granite
Strong Coal-ition

L-R: OPI - $4 each
Play The Peonies
Pale To The Chief
Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya - SOLD
Living On The Bula-vard!
Go With The Lava Flow
Party In My Cabana - SOLD
Come To Poppy - SOLD
The Berry Thought Of You  - SOLD

L-R: OPI - $4 each
Got The Mean Reds
Having A Big Head Day
Romantically Involved
Pretty & Privileged
Amore At The Grand Canal
Can't Read Without My Lipstick
Bastille My Heart
Red Fingers And Mistletoes
Guys & Galaxies

L-R: OPI - $4 each
I Drive A Super Nova
Show Us Your Tips! - SOLD
Shh... It's Top Secret
My Gondala Or Yours?

L-R: Nicole By OPI - $3 each
Green Up Your Act
Denim To Earth

L-R: China Glaze - $4 each
Happy Go Lucky
Beak On Fleek - SOLD
Ah-ah-ah -mazing - SOLD
Teen Spirit
Chroma Cool
Don't Be Shallow - SOLD
Coal Hands Warm Heart
Evening Seduction

L-R: China Glaze - $4 each
Sultry Solstice
Pop The Trunk
Tis The Sea-sun
Sunset Seeker
Sun Of A Nutcracker
I Believe In Snuffy - SOLD
Fresh Prince-ss
Don't Make Me Blush
Pinking Out The Window
For Coral Support
Warm Wishes
About Layin' Out

L-R: Essie - $4 each
Back In The Limo
High Class Affair
Perennial Chic
Just Stitched - SOLD
Aim To Misbehave
Sexy Plunge
Jump In My Jumpsuit
Shall We Chalet?
Butler Please - SOLD
Style Cartel
Frock N Roll
Haute Tub

L-R: Essie (BN) - $4 each
Salt Water Happy
Pret-a-surfer - SOLD
Peach Side Babe
Sunset Sneaks

L-R: Orly - $4 each
Silken Quartz
Last Call
Sunset Blvd
Invite Only

L-R: Sally Hansen -$4 each
Bare It All
Tickled Pink
Giant Peach
Drop The Beet
Rock My Way

L-R: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - $4 each
Creme de la Creme
Plush Blush
Flower Crown
Dig Fig
Spice Age
Wine Stock

L-R: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - $4 each
No Ifs, Ands, Or Buds
Tell My Fuchsia
Tagine Supreme
Sky's The Limit
Crush On Blue
Lan-turn Up

L-R: Sally Hansen Color Therapy - $4 each
Toffee Temptations
Warm And Toasty
Steely Serene
Glow With The Flow
Pampered In Pink
Ohm My Magenta
Good As Blue
Haute Stone

L-R: Scout Cosmetics - $4 each
Invisible Touch
Losing My Religion

L-R: Pretty Serious Cosmetics - $4 each
Daphne's Garden Party - SOLD
Daphne's Disco Party
Something Strange
Elm Street - SOLD
Party Time Excellent
Dimension X

L-R: Peita's Polish - $2 each
Reach For The Gun
Count Your Lucky Stars
Love Peita
Mermaid Tetris
Rainbow Dash (Indie Box Exclusive) - SOLD

L-R: Powder Perfect - $4 each
Pieces Of Eight
Gilded Beauty - SOLD
Hunter's Moon -SOLD
Beneath The Moon - SOLD
Uncharted Territory - SOLD
Shadow Of The Mountain - SOLD
Candy Canes & Silver Lanes Aglow - SOLD
Family Crest - SOLD
There Be Mermaids! - SOLD
Lagoon - SOLD
The Castle's Master- SOLD
Black, Like My Soul - SOLD

L-R: Celestial Cosmetics - $4 each
Shamrock Shine - SOLD
Sample 20
Sunset Dreams
Snow Unicorn - SOLD
Moon Glow - SOLD
Daffodil (LE March 2016)
Sea Of Tranquillity
Unicorn Fields
Cakes & Rainbows - SOLD

L-R:Sayuri - $4 each
Picnic Of The Lost (Indie Spectrum Exclusive) - SOLD
Evil Desire
Magick Solace - SOLD

L-R: Lilypad Lacquer - $4 each
I Am Miss Haughty Taughty (Indie Box Exclusive)
Spark Tacular

L-R: Lilypad Lacquer -$4 each
Atomic Apple - SOLD
Lilypad - SOLD
S-teal-ing The Show
Nightingale - SOLD
When Love Comes To Town - SOLD
Mad Love - SOLD
Hearts And Daggers - SOLD
Cranberry Pop - SOLD
Bohemian Gypsy- SOLD

L-R: Grace-full Nail Polish - $5 each
Family Tradition - SOLD
Kringle (thermal) - SOLD
Red Spherical Dress - SOLD
Scarlet Sparkles- SOLD
Dark Cherry Inferno 2.0- SOLD
The Gorbals Vampire - SOLD
Sugar Plum Nightmare - SOLD
Queen Of The Damned
Queen Of The Damned 2.0- SOLD
Vampire Of Groglin Grange - SOLD
Strigon - SOLD

L-R: Grace-full Nail Polish - $4 each
Lady Of The Woods - SOLD
My Own Personal Flurry - SOLD
Blue Eggshells - SOLD
Walk To Walk - SOLD
Mandy - SOLD

L-R: Emily de Molly -$5 each
Trips Aboard - SOLD
Major Themes - SOLD
Hot Run - SOLD
Over The Edge - SOLD
The Calm One - SOLD
Rough Sketch - SOLD
Forever And Ever

L-R: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - $5 each
Iridial (HHC Exclusive) - SOLD
Siren Melodies (Live Live Polish Exclusive) - SOLD
Glacier Nether (Beauty So Fly Exclusive) - SOLD
Sweet Fir You (Color 4 Nails Exclusive) - SOLD
Merida - SOLD
Faline - SOLD
Alice - SOLD
*please note some labels have oil like marks and are coming off - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*

L-R: Femme Fatale Cosmetics -$5 each
Sunset Dreams Of Ice Cream - SOLD
Lace Masquerade- SOLD
Relics Of The Red Planet- SOLD
Love Potion- SOLD
Glass Carousel -- SOLD
Enchanted Desire
Pixy Light - SOLD
*please note some labels have oil like marks and are coming off - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*

L-R: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - $5 each
Sandcrawler- SOLD
March Hare - SOLD
Lions Breath - SOLD
The Weirding Way
Maiden's Patience - SOLD
Heart Of The Mountain - SOLD
But A Dream
Weed In Her Heart
*please note some labels have oil like marks and are coming off - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*

L-R: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - $5 each
I Take Candle (No Box)- SOLD
Gossamer Dust- SOLD
Reverend Mothers
Grandfather Of The Desert- SOLD
A Fortune Teller's Charm - SOLD
In His House He Waits Dreaming- SOLD
*please note some labels have oil like marks and are coming off - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*


I have gone through and destashed quite a lot of my stamping plates.  As there is quite a lot I'm just going to be listing them by name rather than taking a million pictures.  Quite a few of these plates have never been used and still have the blue films on them.  I will make notes which ones these are below with (bn)

Bundle Monster XL plates $4 each
Polynesia BM-XL106, BM-XL109, BM-XL110, BM-XL111, BM-XL112, BM-XL117,BM-XL118, BM-XL120 (SALE PENDING)
Time Machine BM-XL133, BM-XL135
Around The World BM-XL151, BM-XL152

Born Pretty Store
Rectangle plates $3 each
BP-L002, BP-L008, BPL-027, BPL-029  

Round Plates $1 each
BP-09 (bn), 11, 14 (bn), 19 (bn), 23 (bn), 24, 29 (bn), 30 (bn), 31 (bn), 33(bn), 34, 46 (bn),48 (bn), 52 (bn), 53 (bn), 55 (bn)  

Cheeky Jumbo Plates - $6 each
A, B (bn), C (bn), D, E (bn), I (bn)

Cici&Sisi Acrylic plates - $4 each
Flower, Geometry 02, Greece Myth 01, Indian 04, Spring 02, Wedding Season 02

DRK Rectangular plates - $4 each
Cobogo 1, Cobogo 2, Designer 4

Emily de Molly
EDM36 (rectangle) - $4
EDM07 (round - bn) - $4 

GALS stamping sets -$10 per set
Princess Set (GA1-GA25) - all bn except 1 plate
Fairy Set (GA26-GA50) - all bn except 3 plates

Konad $2 each

Lily Anna -$4 each
07, 08, 10 (bn), 11

Messy Mansion - $4 each

MoYou London -$4 each
Bridal Collection 07
Fairytale Collection 03 (bn), 05 (bn), 06 (bn), 07, 10 (bn), 14
Mother Nature 01 (bn), 02
Pro Collection 18  

Nail Craze - $4 each
NC 01, NC 03

Pueen (rectangular plates) -$4 each
Fancy Lover 01, 02
Double Fun 01 (bn)

Pueen Chunky Transparent Stamper & Scraper Set (bn) $4

Uberchic Beauty
Minis - $4 each
Mandala Love

Winstonia square plates - $3 each
Harvest Fest (bn), Soccer Mania, W-04, Call Me Golfer, On The Road

Random plates $1 each 
heptagon shaped - QA8, QA15, QA16, QA18, QA28, QA49, QA66, QA83, QA93,QA97

Round - B68, QGirl 13, MLS301,M19,  M100

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