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It's destash time!  I am officially running out of room in my Alex drawers for polishes so it's time to move some of my pretties onto a new home where I am sure they will get more love than they do here.  I have literally gone through all of my polishes so pretty much every brand is up for grabs.  Not because I don't love these brands or polishes, it's a just a storage issue at this point.  I will be adding to this over time so it may be worth checking back every now and again.

A few things to note:
  • Due to strict regulations I am unable to send any polishes internationally.  I can send to Australian addresses only.  Please keep that in mind before contacting me.
  • All prices are listed in AUD and do not include postage.  Standard Australia Post prices apply.
  • I do not take responsibility for any lost or damaged items.  I will ensure that everything is bubble wrapped adequately.
  • If you are interested in any items please email me at
  • PayPal only via friends and family. If you are not comfortable doing so you will be required to also pay the PayPal fees. 
  • Payments must be made within 24 hours so if you are unable to pay straight away please hold off emailing me. 

L-R:OPI INFINITE SHINE Pearl Of Wisdom, Girls Love Pearls, Non Stop White, The Beige Of Reason, Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia, Sweet Carmel Sunday, Excuse Me Big Sur!, Santa Monica Beach Peach, Me Myselfie & I, Can't Tame A Wild Thing, To The Mouse House We Go,! Ring The Buzzer Again, Eternally Turquoise, I Believe In Manicures, Strong Coal-ition, Don't Take The Yosemite For Granite, I'll Have A Manhattan, Party At Holly's - $5 each
L-R OPI Showered By Petals, Oh My Majesty, Five-and-ten, Take A Right On Bourbon, I Drive A Super Nova, My Silk Tie, I Vant To Be A Lone Star, Show Us Your Tip, Dining Al Frisco, My Gecko Does Tricks, Shhh It's Top Secret, My Gondola Or Yours - $5 each

L-R: OPI Play The Peonies, Pale To The Chief, A Great Opera-tunity, Humidi-tea, Freedom Of Peach, Tutti Frutti Tonga, Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya, Living On The Bula-vard, Go With The Lava Flow, It's A Piazza Cake, Yank My Doodle, Sitting Under The Cherry Blossoms, Party In My Cabana, Come To Poppy, The Berry Thought Of You, Mamma Mia (black label) - $5 each

L-R: OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It ($3 - polish is 3/4 full), Gimme A Ludo Kiss, I STOP For Red, Having A Big Head Day, Got The Mean Reds, Romantically Involved, Just Lanai-ing Around, Bastille My Heart, Red Fingers & Mistletoes, Pretty & Privileged, Can't Read Without My Lipstick, The One That Got Away, Guys & Galaxies - $5 each

L-R: ORLY Anything Goes, Head In The Clouds, Cool In California, As Seen On TV, Forget Me Not, Big City Dreams, Silken Quartz, Last Call, Sunset Blvd, Teeny Bikini, Emberstone, Summer Sunset, Invite Only - $5 each

L-R: CHINA GLAZE Preserve In Pink, Fresh Prince-ss, Eat Pink Be Merry, Don't Make Me Blush, Pinking Out The Window, For Coral Support, About Layin' Out, Warm Wishes, Y'All Red-y For This, Pop The Trunk, Tis The Sea Sun, Son Of A Nutcracker, Sultry Solstice, Sunset Seeker, Orange Marmalade, Sun's Up Top Down, Happy Go Lucky, Don't Be Shallow - $5 each

L-R: CHINA GLAZE Life Is Suite, A Whole Latte Fun, Bare Attack, High Standards, Chroma Cool, Beach It Up, Evening Seduction, Teen Spirit, Blue-Ya!, Get Carried Away, Coal Hands Warm Heart, Ugly Sweater Party - $5 each

L-R ESSIE Sweet Souffle, Private Weekend, Tuck In My Tux, Perennial Chic, High Class Affair, Back In The Limo, Aim To Misbehave, Just Stitched, Peach Side Babe, Sexy Plunge, Braziliant, Sunset Sneaks, Color Binge, Love Beverly Hills, Shall We Chalet?, Jump In My Jumpsuit, Frock N Roll, Salt Water Happy, Pret-a Surfer, Butler Please, Style Cartel, Haute Tub - $5 each

L-R ZOYA Laurel, Tulip, Zahara, Azalea, Tracie, Crystal, Noel, Aster - $5 each

L-R GRACE-FULL NAIL POLISH The Gorbals Vampire, Dark Cherry Inferno 2.0, Red Spherical Dress, Scarlett Sparkes, Family Tradition, Deeply In Love, Osiris Rose, Sunshine Naps, Sunlight And Starlight, Speakeasy, Ghost Vampire, Highgate Vampire, Goodbye Summer, Alnick Castle Vampire, Sugar Plum Nightmare, Queen Of The Damned 2.0, Queen Of The Damned, Vampire Of Groglin Grange, Strigon $7 each

L-R GRACE-FULL NAIL POLISH Magical Snowflakes, My Own Personal Flurry, Lady Of The Woods, The One, Daisy, You Have My Bow, Maggie, Sugar Plum Fairy, Blue Eggshells, Walk The Walk, Mandy, Oh Holy Night - $5 each

L-R EMILY DE MOLLY Rough Sketch, LE31, Lyrical, Forever And Ever (needs a good mixing), Reign Of Osiris, A Pink Acquistion,Time Stood Still, LE43, Vivid Dreams, Major Themes, Over The Edge, Wrong Side Of Heaven, Rustic Vibes, Hot Run $7 each

L-R GLOSS N SPARKLE They Did The Monster Mash, Purpetual Darkness, Strip Poker, 3D Glasses Included $3 each

L-R POWDER PERFECT Recollection $5, Pieces Of Eight, Gilded Beauty, Abydos, The Inventors Daughter, Thebes, Moth To A Flame, Candy Canes & Silver Lanes Aglow, Early Sunlight (missing bottom label), Family Crest, Profound Promise, The Cobra Goddess, Lord Of The Reeds, Toil & Trouble, Merry Little Christmas, Nekhbet, First Dance, The Castle's Master $6 each

L-R GLAM POLISH Meteorite Mash, Big Bang Theory, Wonderland, Sexy & I Know It, Secret Garden, Matilda, Jem, Dee-Light, Margarita Villa, Brite, Muddle Puddle, Lucky, Neon Nubs, Narnia, Love Bug, Nite Sprite - $7 each Black Opal $1

L-R POWDER PERFECT Why Is The Rum Always Gone?, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, If It's Not Baroque, Sophisticated Santa, Sexy Santa, Vampire's Chalice, Young & Reckless, Beneath The Moon, Uncharted Territory, Black Just Like My Soul, Shadow Of The Mountain, Venomous Serum, Magic Of Imagination, Hazel Twig, There Be Mermaids, Lagoon, Mother Goddess $7 each
L-R SHADES OF PHOENIX Phoenix, Phoenix 2.0, No Time To Say Hello/Goodbye, Lachesis, Atropos, Soul Fire, Clotho, Juno, Tisiphone, Enyo, Athena, Lacarnum Inflamareae, Isis, Mother Is God 2.0, Persephone, Dionysus, Riddikulus, Mictlan $3 each

L-R SHADES OF PHOENIX Curiouser & Curiouser, Little Frog, Fresh Fire, Morpheus, Wingardium Leviosa, Hades, Astraios, Goblin Snot, Raw Fire, Mint Leaf, Poseidon, Underwater Stalker, Ceto, Megaera, Morsmordre, Eros, Selene, Expelliarmus, Imperio $3 each

L-R LILYPAD LACQUER Hardcore, When Love Comes To Town, Mad Love, Mon Cheri, Hearts & Daggers, Cranberry Pop, Bohemian Gypsy, Nightshade, Shockwave, Mudpie, Furnace, Fanta-sea, Galliano, Calyspo, Atomic Apple, Lilypad, Show Me The Money, S-teal-ing The Show, Nero, Sea-quins, Nu-clear Pink, Phantom, Star Struck, Arabica, Nightingale $5 each

L-R LILYPAD LACQUER Pepper Dance $6, Sparktacular!, I Am Miss Haughty Taughty $5 each

L-R PEITA'S POLISH Count Your Lucky Stars, Love Peita, Mermaid Tetris, Mr Cellophane, Reach For The Gun, Rainbow Dash $3 each

L-R CELESTIAL COSMETICS Moon Glow, LE March 2016 Daffodil, Snow Unicorn, Cakes & Rainbows, Sea Of Tranquility, Unicorn Fields $7 each

L-R BELLA BELLE Blushing Bride, Kiss The Bride, Diamond In The Rough, Something Blue $4 each

L-R SALLY HANSEN COLOR THERAPY Well Well Well, Re-nude, Steely Serene, Unwine'd, Good As Blue, Haute Stone $5 each

L-R SALLY HANSEN No Ifs Ands Or Buds, Sky's The Limit, Crush On Blue $5 each

L-R SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE GEL Snowglobe, Creme de la Creme, Plush Blush, Flower Crown, Mauve-olous, Ba-bloom, Tawny Travels, Dig Fig, Spice Age, Wine Stock $5 each

L-R SALLY HANSEN XTREME WEAR Tickled Pink, Giant Peach, Bare It All $4 each

L-R PRETTY SERIOUS COSMETICS Daphne's Garden Party, Daphne's Disco Party, Haddonfield, Something Strange, Elm Street, Cherry Bomb, Princess Plutonium, Heartbreaker, Stupid Cupid, Party Time Excellent!, Dimension X $5 each

L-R FEMME FATALE COSMETICS (EXCLUSIVES - BOXES INCLUDED) Iridial, Caliby, Siren Melodies, Glacier Nether, Sweet Fir You, Solar Storm, Sorrow Wing, Enchanted Desire, Love Potion, Prim & Copper $12 each *please note some labels have oil like marks from my drawer lines - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*

L-R FEMME FATALE COSMETICS (BOXES INCLUDED) Kida, Emeralda, Nala, Euna, Belle, Faline, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Merida, Aurora, Alice $10 each *please note some labels have oil like marks from my drawer lines - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*

L-R FEMME FATALE COSMETICS (BOXES INCLUDED) Glass Carousel, Grandfather Of The Desert, Sandcrawler, March Hare, The Weirding Way, Relics Of The Red Planet, Reverend Mothers, Hundred Years Winter, Terraforming, Lion's Breath, Sunset Dreams Of Ice Cream, Lace Masquerade, Heart's Desires, Asteroids Sunsets, Fields Of Treasure, A Fortunes Tellers Dream, In His House He Waits Dreaming, Maiden's Patience,Crystals From Clouds, Pixy Light, But A Dream, Weed In Her Heart, Poisoned Apple, I Take Candle (no box), Gossamer Dust $10 each *please note some labels have oil like marks from my drawer lines - I can provide photos of the bottom labels if required*
I have gone through and destashed quite a lot of my stamping plates.  As there is quite a lot I'm just going to be listing them by name rather than taking a million pictures.  Quite a few of these plates have never been used and still have the blue films on them.  I will make notes which ones these are below with (bn)

Bundle Monster XL plates $4 each
Polynesia BM-XL106, BM-XL109, BM-XL110, BM-XL111, BM-XL112, BM-XL117,BM-XL118, BM-XL120
Time Machine BM-XL133, BM-XL135
Around The World BM-XL151, BM-XL152

Born Pretty Store
Rectangle plates $3 each
BP-L002, BP-L008, BPL-027, BPL-029  

Round Plates $1 each
BP-09 (bn), 11, 14 (bn), 19 (bn), 23 (bn), 24, 29 (bn), 30 (bn), 31 (bn), 33(bn), 34, 46 (bn),48 (bn), 52 (bn), 53 (bn), 55 (bn)  

Cheeky Jumbo Plates - $6 each
A, B (bn), C (bn), D, E (bn), I (bn)

Cici&Sisi Acrylic plates - $4 each
Flower, Geometry 02, Greece Myth 01, Indian 04, Spring 02, Wedding Season 02

DRK Rectangular plates - $4 each
Cobogo 1, Cobogo 2, Designer 4

Emily de Molly
EDM36 (rectangle) - $4
EDM07 (round - bn) - $4 

GALS stamping sets -$10 per set
Princess Set (GA1-GA25) - all bn except 1 plate
Fairy Set (GA26-GA50) - all bn except 3 plates

Konad $2 each

Lily Anna -$4 each
07, 08, 10 (bn), 11

Messy Mansion - $4 each

MoYou London -$4 each
Bridal Collection 07
Fairytale Collection 03 (bn), 05 (bn), 06 (bn), 07, 10 (bn), 14
Mother Nature 01 (bn), 02
Pro Collection 18  

Nail Craze - $4 each
NC 01, NC 03

Pueen (rectangular plates) -$4 each
Fancy Lover 01, 02
Double Fun 01 (bn)

Pueen Chunky Transparent Stamper & Scraper Set (bn) $4

Uberchic Beauty
Minis - $4 each
Mandala Love, Coffee Addict

Winstonia square plates - $3 each
Harvest Fest (bn), Soccer Mania, W-04, Call Me Golfer, On The Road

Random plates $1 each 
heptagon shaped - QA8, QA15, QA16, QA18, QA28, QA49, QA66, QA83, QA93,QA97

Round - B68, QGirl 13, MLS301,M19,  M100

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